10 Myths of Electric Vehicles to be Eliminated by Hyundai

10 Myths of Electric Vehicles to be Eliminated by Hyundai

Gnewscar.com – Hyundai wants to break 10 myths circulating in the community about electric vehicles (EV). Hyundai recently conducted a poll through OnePoll to the people of manfrom mainly users of engine cars TRD and diesel. The question why don’t they want to switch to electric vehicles?

Most of them answer electric vehicles unsafe in rain or thunderstorm. In more detail, 22 percent of those surveyed said, do not feel safe when charging on electric cars. 18 percent think they will not be safe if using electric vehicles at this time by storm Lightning. Amazingly, almost one in eight people felt insecure to charge their Telp batteries in electric vehicles.

However the most top of the poll results said about 46 percent of them had to do with the performance of electric vehicles. The existence of this myth is due to the lack of smartfren Upgradon electric cars, because 28 percent they admit it lacks the knowledge of EV.

“It’s interesting to hear some of their misunderstandings about electric vehicles. Whereas electric cars were just as safe as TRD or diesel cars, “said Sylvie Childs, Senior Product Manager at Hyundai Motor UK.

10 myths about electric vehicles that are widely circulated in the community

1. Electric vehicles can not be used traveling remotely
That’s wrong, with the EV entry-level even offering a range of over 100 miles, and plenty up to 300 miles, so don’t worry.

2. Hard to find a place to recharge the battery
Currently there are more than 14,500 public charging points (in London) in more than 9,000 locations in the UK and beyond, it also continues to grow rapidly. As for Indonesia PLN claims to already have more than 7,000 SPLU (General Electric charging station).

3. Electric vehicles too expensive
Try thinking again. Indeed for upfront cost is quite large, but for maintenance costs, electric vehicles are lower compared to gasoline-engined vehicles or diesel.

4. Poor performance
This is not true, instant torque makes the EV can accelerate quickly. For example, Hyundai Kona Electric can accelerate from 0-100 km/h in 7.9 seconds.

5. Electric vehicles cannot be exposed to water
Many are worried about electric cars if exposed to water. This is certainly wrong. EV is as safe as conventional engine vehicles.

6. Choice of EV cars is still a little on the market
This is certainly true, but with new regulations about emissions making the car manufacturers will launch more choices every year even months.

7. Worried that electric vehicle batteries accumulate in TPA (landfill)
The EV battery can be recycled like the battery in a gasoline or diesel car. The EV power cells can be used to store solar and wind energy or its elements can be broken down so that it is more valuable if reused.

8. Unsafe electric vehicles
EV is subject to the same safety standards as conventional engine cars.

9. No cover in case of damage to EV
The majority of brand holders now provide services for all EV as well as conventional vehicles.

10. EV is not too good for a petrolhead
In case of possibility of a point, because EV does not give a sensation like a conventional engine car. Although it has instant power, but the rumble or roar of conventional car’s engine is lost and it certainly eliminates the sensation of the adrenaline trigger that the petrolhead commonly enjoyed.

Is Hyundai really capable of eliminating myths that have long been embedded among the community?, we wait together the results.