15 Car Care Tips When Summer comes and ends

15 Car Care Tips When Summer comes and ends, Protect Vehicle Performance

15 Car Care Tips When Summer comes and endsGnewscar.com– to day i am share Tips for car maintenance through the summer. Not only car maintenance when the summer ends in this article also comes with vehicle handling when summer comes.

Summer travel is an iconic American institution. Whether on a cross-country tour with family, a trip to the beach with friends, or a trip home from campus when the second semester ends, American motorists record millions of miles collectively on that summer trip. A US Department of Transportation study found that the average summer vacation trip saw an average trip of 314 miles on such a trip, or a total of more than 600 miles. Many trips, of course, reach thousands of miles.

Land travel can be fun and relatively inexpensive compared to air travel, but they can do numbers on cars, trucks or SUVs that record such distances. To keep your vehicle in its best condition, you must complete a number of car maintenance tasks after a long journey, and this goes beyond the routine maintenance that you offer on commuter vehicles.

Car Care Tips When Summer Ends / Over

1. Diligent Clean the car Outside and Inside


After days on the road, cleaning your car in depth is a necessary and timely step. As Mike Schultz, Senior Vice President of Research & Development with Turtle Wax explained: “The smashed bugs not only disrupt your journey, but some also contain acid, which can bite the paint. Just trying to pry into the bug involved can damage the paint too. ”

Car Care Tips for your, this recommends using special car cleaning products to remove crushed insects. You should also remove the floor mat and thoroughly clean the carpet and upholstery of the car and then leave it for hours to prevent mold from growing.

2. Check the tire tread if it is still thick enough


Long drives can weaken the tire past its full point of efficacy and safety, so check the tread once you get home. As Fred Thomas, Vice President and General Manager for Goodyear Retail explained: “The right tire depth is an easy way to help maximize safety and performance. There are several ways to check site depth, including the ‘penny test.’ Just put a cent into the tread of your tire with Lincoln’s head upside down, facing you. If you can see Lincoln’s entire head, it’s time to change your tires. ” You can read : Tips on Caring for Tires Proven More Durable

3. Don’t Forget to Add fuel stabilizers to the tank


After a long trip, it is unlikely that you will use your car as much as possible for a certain period of time, especially if you live in the city and store the vehicle elsewhere.

Adding a fuel stabilizer to the gas tank can help the fuel stay fresh and prevent corrosion. If your car tends not to be used for more than a month after your long trip (or at any time) you should use a fuel stabilizer.

4. Add liquid (Olie) Periodically


Car Care Tips When Summer Ends Beth Gibson, Experiential Travel Expert with Avis Car Rental said, “Liquids are like blood for your car, and after a long trip, the liquid will run out. To maintain the level where it should be and make sure your car is in a condition that can be passed the next time you use it, refill the windshield wiper liquid, and the transmission fluid, “and so on.

5. Change Oil As Scheduled

Even if your car won’t be replaced for several months or a few hundred miles, it’s a good idea to get an oil change after a long trip. An extended trip will make the motor more tense than usual, especially if your vehicle is pulling the trailer or is more loaded than usual like with luggage and passengers.

6. Replace the wiper blade with a new one


Auto experts recommend that you get a fresh wiper blade twice a year, but the possible heavy use seen by your windshield wipers during long trips may require a previous replacement.

The wiper blade is usually worth less than $ 20 and you can install it yourself or have a shop do it, which is likely to only burden you for 15 minutes of work.

7. Perform a diagnostic check


You can buy a high-quality OBD-II scanner that allows you to assess all types of systems in your car for less than $ 45, and using such a scanner might detect problems before they become big problems, saving on more expensive repairs.

After a long journey, this scanner can check everything, from filter quality to engine health, and can explain what’s behind the annoying engine lights.

8. Make sure the brakes are still good


Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief of Cars com, said: “You gave your car an exercise in that long journey – now is the time to pay extra attention to how to drive now because you are returning to the local road with a slower speed limit. Did any screams occur? when you hit the brakes or a strange noise came from the steering wheel? Give it a trial ride so you know what work needs to be done when you bring it for maintenance. ”

Car Care Tips When Summer Comes

Traveling with family is more comfortable using a private car. Compared to having to ride public transportation that must be jostling and waiting at the terminal. But in this case Car care in the summer is also needed, especially during the summer which makes the body easily tired and the condition of the car needs to be extra extra in guarding it.

Because it is very important to keep the vehicle running well for many months in the summer, we have put together a few simple tips to keep your vehicle running smoothly so that you and your family can relax and enjoy the trip. The following are some simple tips for Car Care Tips When Summer Comes

1. Maintaining the cabin condition of the car remains cool

The first thing to note is the coolness in the Car cabin. Of course this also affects driving comfort during the summer. If the car feels cold in the car, the driver or passenger will be comfortable and the ride will be more enjoyable. At this stage the most influential is the Ac section.

In this case, it is necessary to check the parts of the car’s coolant. Checking the hose and also the place of cooling and ac conditions need to be done regularly. That way the temperature released to cool the cabin becomes more leverage.

2. Manually clean the windshield of the car

Car Care in the next summer is cleaning the Car’s windshield. In this case it can be done manually, because if you use a wiper it is feared it can cause scratches on the windshield. If it is so of course it can make the view less than the maximum. The owner can clean it with a chamois or a soft cloth.

3. Perform an examination on the liquid

Next is to check the fluids found in vehicles such as brake fluid, oil, power steering, wiper fluid, radiators and others.

4. Make sure the ac pump is working optimally

Ac pump is one component that is quite important in vehicles, especially in summer. If the AC is having problems then it should be checked and checked by taking it to a trusted Ac workshop. Because if it is damaged and left alone, it will eventually die.

5. Clean the air filter

Before inviting the car to travel, it is better to ensure that the air filter is clean. If you feel something is disturbing or dirty, you should clean or replace it if necessary. If in doubt, it would be nice if you ask a trusted workshop technician.

6. Check tire pressure

Checking and checking the pressure of the wind must be done either in the summer or the rain. Make sure that the pressure held by the four wheels is ideal and the tire condition is still good, not cracked or bare. Do not forget to check the spare tire, so that when it will be used it can work well.

7. Clean the Car cabin


In order to get comfortable during the trip, it is better to clean the cabin first. Make sure there is no dirt on the carpet or car seats. That way the air in the car is fresher with the added maximum performance of the Ac makes the trip more comfortable and enjoyable.

Those are some simple steps so that the car’s performance is maintained when summer arrives or ends, by following the steps in review 15 Car Care Tips When Summer Comes and Ends, hopefully you can protect your Vehicle’s Performance