15 Steps Clean Car Fuel Injectors To Maintain Engine Performance

15 Steps Clean Car Fuel Injectors To Maintain Engine Performance

15 Steps Clean Car Fuel Injectors, gNewscar. How to clean a car injector is quite important to note considering the car injector is one of the components in the injection machine that has the function to ignite vehicle fuel into the cylinder chamber. The existence of this injector will have a very important influence on the performance of your vehicle, especially for cars that already use the EFI system.

The work of the injection system is actually inseparable from the ECU (electronic control unit) which is indeed an important part in a car. In general, the workings of the injection system or EFI (electronic fule injection is divided into 3 main parts, including:

  • Vehicle fuel delivery system
  • Electronic control system
  • Air induction system

In general, the ECU (electronic control unit) has a function to control the mixture of fuel used by a car. The ECU function here will also determine the amount of fuel that must be injected in the vehicle engine. The ECU also functions to determine the time of air delivery and the ratio to the engine. This process is often called the duration of the injection. In addition, the function of the ECU can also control the time of ignition of vehicle engines and many others.

Currently, almost all car products that are released use the injector system because it can produce power or performance of vehicles that are quite good and clean when compared to cars that use a carburetor system. In addition, the injector system is also easier to start because the injector system sprays a fine mist in the form of a vehicle’s mist into the combustion chamber.

But of course the injector system also has a weakness that is expensive and complicated to use. In addition, the dirt on the fuel can make the work of the car injector system can be disrupted. Especially if the car you have is rarely used. Injector conditions that are problematic or dirty will certainly make the engine performance to be decreased. The state of the injector is clogged car for example can make the car engine acceleration be reduced. In addition, your car’s engine can become problematic. Dirty injector conditions can make the RPM on the car can not increase above 3000 RPM.

Another thing that is caused by the problematic injector condition is the use of fuel which will be more wasteful than usual conditions. Dirty injector conditions can also result in poor fogging, the pattern of spraying will not be uniform even more to one side. And even more detrimental is that it can make the spray become weak until it is completely closed so that the vehicle fuel will continue to drip.

Of course, to avoid these problems, the condition of your car injector needs to be considered properly. For that, of course you need to clean the car injector regularly. Actually to clean the car injector, you need to bring your car to official workshops so that it can be cleaned directly with a professional mechanic and cleaning will use other sophisticated tools. But if you don’t have enough time and money, you can clean your injector yourself. Here are the right steps for how to clean a super fast car injector.

15 Steps Clean Car Fuel Injectors

  1. The first time you need to do before cleaning the car injector is to clean the fuel filter or known as the fuel filter first. This component is important to clean because the cleaning process on the car injector will be useless if the fuel filter is not cleaned. This is because the dirt on the fuel filter can go back into the injector chamber of the car.
  2. After the fuel filter is in a clean condition then you can start to clean the car injector. The first step to cleaning a car injector is to start the engine. Then open the injector fuse (fuel plump relay) to disconnect the electric current that goes to the gasoline fuel pump.
  3. Wait a while until the vehicle’s engine turns off, this is a sign that there is no more pressure on the fuel line. So that later there will be no fuel spilled when you will disconnect the gas pipe or when removing the injector of the car.
  4. Turn off the vehicle engine through the ignition and then remove the terminal on the negative side of the battery. Pay attention when removing the battery because you need a re-setting on some vehicle components.
  5. After that, you can open the gas hose pipe that is near the car injector (fuel delivery pipe). At the time of the removal or opening of the injector will depend on the construction of the vehicle engine that you have. This is because each car must have a different engine construction, ranging from easily released to difficult to remove.
  6. When opening the injector through the delivery pipe there are a number of important things to note, be careful during this process so that the existing injector seal is not broken, deformed, or damaged. If your injector seal is damaged it will be better if you quickly replace it with new components.
  7. If the car injector has been removed, then you can take the next step. Open the injector seal and make sure the component is in good condition. Opening the car injector is needed so that the injector cleaning fluid does not hit and damage the component.
  8. Then you can clean the outside of the car injector by using a cleaner specifically intended for cleaning the injector known as the injector cleaner. Clean starting from the ends of the car injector, this part is most often attached to carbon-carbon.
  9. Then you can install the adapter in your car, you can buy or arrange the adapter yourself. Do not forget to prepare a battery with 12 volts of electricity and then injector cleaner pair. Attach one cable that is on the negative battery at one of the terminals on the car injector. Then attach the other cable to the other injector terminal.
  10. In EFI car injectors usually have two terminals, negative and positive. When you attach the cable sockets to the two terminal injectors of the car, do not forget to coat the sockets with insulation. This is to prevent a short circuit because the positions of the two terminals are rather close together. So it is highly recommended to use a special socket that is used to connect the car injector cable.
  11. Press the injector cleaner until the pressurized cleaning liquid can be filled in the injector adapter. Make sure the adapter that you plug is clamped tightly so it doesn’t come off easily. You also need to be careful that the cleaning liquid used does not touch your eyes. For this reason, it is strongly recommended to use safety devices such as gloves and protective glasses when cleaning the car injector.
  12. When the injector cleaning liquid has started to enter the adapter, then you can disconnect one cable that is in the injector precisely in the positive battery terminal. You can use the switch to break it. After that the process of cleaning the small hole in the injector can begin.
  13. Spray from the injector cleaner will come out when you connect the positive cable to the car injector with the positive battery terminal. Pay attention to the process of coming out of the injector cleaning liquid whether it looks soft and good or not. At least to clean all parts of the car injector, you must prepare at least one to two bottles of cleaning fluid.
  14. After you make sure that the injector is clean, you can re-inject the injector and seal the injector in its original place. Pay attention to the installation process, do it carefully so that no component parts are damaged. Install the injector in the fuel delivery pipe and also install other components.
  15. After that, you can try your vehicle to ensure the difference if engine power is generated after the car injector is cleaned.

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But you also need to do a variety of ways to prevent the injector from being dirty. The most effective thing to prevent injectors from getting dirty is to use the right fuel for your car. In addition, immediately do the cleaning if you feel the injector conditions are getting dirty.