2 Way Speaker Functions and Characters

2 Way Speaker Functions and Characters, Advantages and disadvantages

2 Way Speaker Functions and Characters, From Gnewscar – When we talk about car audio there are a number of choices that sometimes make us confused, for example determining the installation of 2 Way or 3 way speakers, here we will discuss just one of them because the difference between the two was discussed yesterday, please check the post again Choosing 2 Way vs 3 Way Speaker to read it.

Focusing on 2-way speakers is actually what are the advantages and disadvantages and what are the functions and characters of this type of audio, let’s look together. One of the most popular speaker systems used is the 2-way speaker. This 2-way speaker is divided into two drivers, tweeter and midbass.

The frequency distribution of the 2-way speaker sound is usually regulated by a passive crossover (xover), where the treble sound is played by tweeters and vocal sounds until the middle bass sound is sounded by the midbass. Selection of 2 way speakers is good, is to choose a driver with a basic material that is resistant to humidity and heat.

For example speakers with polypropylene or paper coated materials are good examples of cone materials. Furthermore, if we can pay attention to the speaker frequency range graph, the midbass frequency range with the tweeter must be connected. That is when two drivers are sounded, tweeter and midbass sounds completely uninterrupted.

2 Way Speaker Functions and Characters

Regarding active speakers 2 way

2 ways active speaker or also called 2 lines active speaker is an active speaker that has 2 types of loudspeakers or 2 types of speaker drivers. The type of speaker driver used in this speaker is a small twitter and also a woofer. Twitter is a Twitter that is used to produce high frequencies on an active speaker while the woofer is the driver used to make this type of low sound.

Number of speaker drivers for active speakers

The type of an active speaker can be seen from the number of speaker drivers that are owned by an active speaker. For those of you who don’t quite understand, speaker drivers are also called loudspeakers. You must have seen that a speaker has several loudspeakers, right? Have you ever thought what it is for? For those of you who are curious, here are the reviews.

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Advantages and disadvantages 2 Way Speaker 

The advantages of 2 way active speakers

There are quite a lot of advantages possessed by these 2 ways active speakers. One of them is the cheaper price. Active speakers have 2 drivers. The existence of 2 drivers on the speaker causes the required cabinet size is not too large so the price is certainly cheaper.

In addition to the advantages in terms of price, these 2 ways active speakers also have good sound quality. This is again caused by the 2 drivers that are owned by these active speakers so that to produce high or low frequencies is not difficult to do. This is the advantage of the other Best Active Speakers.

The advantages of 2-way speakers because on average it is equipped with a built-in processor and has a characteristic sound that can go up to the middle of the dashboard and make vocal sounds and high notes much clearer

Disadvantages of active 2 way speakers

In terms of sound quality, to produce high or low sound can be done well with these 2 ways active speakers but this type of Best Active Speaker still has shortcomings. The drawback is when the speaker is asked to produce sound in the mid range which has a frequency between 160 hz to 3 Khz.