3 Steps Caring for a Black Car Always Look Shiny

3 Steps Caring for a Black Car Always Look Shiny

How do you keep a black car shiny?, The black color remains a favorite color of car owners even though many other colors have sprung up but the black car never seems to be displaced. Black Car Always Look Shiny, There are many reasons why cars with black are in high demand, although maintenance is more expensive when compared to other colors.

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of a black car that you can make as a guide in choosing the color of the vehicle, especially if you are hesitant to choose black or white.

The Advantages of a Black Car

Owning and caring for a black car, its first advantage is that it is neutral. Because of its neutral nature, black cars can be used in various moments. Even this car is very suitable for use when working or for family events.

In addition, the advantage of a black car is the masculine impression that is displayed. Especially for minibus-type vehicles, the black color on the exterior emphasizes the manly and masculine impression and the ease of caring for a black colored car.

Another advantage of choosing a black car is that it is easy to sell and easy to care for the car. Black used cars are also included as fast cars for sale, you know. This is considering the neutral color and included in the color of an expensive but young car in terms of caring for a car.

There is still one more advantage of a black car that is in terms of caring for a car does not require complicated maintenance like a white car that must be washed frequently due to exposure to dirt or dust. Friends also don’t need to wash it every day.

Lack of a Black Car

Meanwhile, in terms of drawbacks, black cars are more easily recognized when they are indicated to have been scratched. Yes, despite the advantages and disadvantages of the black car remains a dream. Even so, sometimes you need to keep the car from getting scratched by caring for your favorite black car.

Another drawback is that when exposed to dust, black cars will look more dull easily. At the time of being hit by a scratch, even though it has been repaired the former repair will still look as if the paint does not blend well.

Well, that’s some of the advantages and disadvantages of black cars that can be used as a reference when buying a new or used car. In essence, each color has its own advantages.

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Whatever the color of your car, actually it will look good if you take care of the car properly, one of them is the exterior of the car such as the body for example.

3 Steps Caring for a Black Car Always Look Shiny

3 Steps Caring for a Black Car Always Look Shiny

Every car owner must love his car, even if it is only a used car. In terms of size, size or price, we go further to take care of the car so it continues to look new.

Nobody likes to travel in a car that looks dull and ugly. However, with blazing heat, poisons in the air and dirt from the ground can make your vehicle sparkling look worn and unsightly to look at if you don’t care for your favorite car.

If you are one of the fanatical car lovers who want to make their used cars sparkling and radiant like new vehicles, this article is suitable for you Garage Friends.

Car Wash Inside and Out

When caring for a car, washing the car is the most important step of the whole process. If you want the results of caring for a new looking car, be sure to wash your car every 7 days using the Best Car Wash Soap. Wash high-pressure, remove all dirt, dust, traces of water, and residual salt, such as between wheels, under bumpers, and others. In the series of caring for the car, before continuing with the next stage, make sure you clean all the dirt from the surface of the car, otherwise streaks will appear on the body of the car if the dusty surface builds up because you neglect to care for the car. Don’t forget to always use the Best Sponge For Car Wash to prevent scratches

During the car maintenance phase, it is recommended to use premium washing detergent and to clean the frame and door by hand. When caring for a car, be sure to clean the fungus on the floor or it will cause scratches on the paint. Stage of caring for the car after washing, dry it by wiping it manually instead of waiting for it to dry with air, this will prevent your car from spotting water stains appearing from the body of the vehicle that has just been washed.


Entering the next stage of caring for the car after washing, the Sahabat’s car may look clean but lack sparkling and radiant. To give the same sparkle as when it was first purchased, polishing works like ‘bewitching’. In caring for a car, polishing is the process of using an abrasive substance to remove a very thin layer on the outside of the paint, which is usually the most damaged.

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When caring for a car, this polishing process makes the undercoat shine to the surface, making the car look new. With a variety of polishing tools available on the market, you can do the task of caring for this car easily at home. But if you need a professional touch using a buffing machine, try checking Garasi.id Services and Services as an alternative to caring for a car.


When caring for a car, polishing helps you to show a sparkling coat of paint and make the car look new, but to maintain maximum results for a long time, waxing is mandatory with Best Car Wax. The main purpose of caring for a car with waxing is to create a protective layer on a perfectly polished car, a sparkling surface and protect its luster from disappearing due to factors such as direct contact with sunlight, dust and dirt, scratches, and rain.

Friends can find waxing easily in any automotive shop, but avoid using “2in1” products that claim to provide two purposes at once, polish and wax, when caring for a car we recommend avoiding it and still choosing two different products. Also in caring for the car, instead of leaving the wax applied to the surface for a long time, clean the surface after a few minutes because it will require less effort with more durable results.