How To Fix Damaged Car Wiper Washer

3 Steps, How To Fix Damaged Car Wiper Washer

How To Fix Damaged Car Wiper Washer ?, Often the owner of a car who does not care about the function of the car washer, though the existence of this washer is very important to clean dust and dirt attached to the surface of the car windshield.

The most common problem with this car washer component is that water is not so fast that the bad Palin is water in no way out from the end of the nozzle/windshield washer.

The cause of the above problems can range from wiper water hoses that have been detached or bitten by mice, to the windshield wiper drains due to the buildup of the crust in the form of lime. To find out the source of the problem we should be sorting one part of the car wiper system part of which is as follows:

3 Steps, How To Fix Damaged Car Wiper Washer

1. Check the water and its pump
The first check is done by checking the water and motor pump. It could be the water marked out or the water pump Dinamo problematic.

If empty Tandon immediately fill the water and do experiment turn on the spraying function, ask the friend’s help to hold/listen whether the motor pump sounds or not.

2. Check the wiper hose and connection
Next is check the hose or water wiper duct that leads towards the nozzle. Is there any hose that is leaking/breaking or not. If there do change the wiper water hose.

Do not forget to check the hose connections too, you can disconnect and perform a visual check. If it is clogged by a lime clot you can wipe it by using a PIN or other similar object.

3. Check the Nozzle Tip Hole
Lastly, check the nozzle at the end. Try again turn on the wiper water function and notice the water coming out through the nozzle hole.

Check the Nozzle Tip Hole

When the beam of water is weak, a nozzle hole is also blocked. You can clean it by piercing the nozzle hole from the outside using the eyedropper/PIN needle and then spray it using the water gun. Try again turning on the wiper function.

Well that’s some tips to overcome the washer or wiper the damaged Mobiln can not spray or water rays that come out weak. Some washers can indeed be repaired by such roads, but there are also some cars that can not and the only roads must be replaced recently.

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