4 Ways to Remove Stains on a White Car

4 Ways to Remove Stains on a White Car

4 Ways to Remove Stains on a White Car – To remove stains on a white colored car is actually not difficult, you only need to wash the car if you want it to look greasy, you can also use a wax coating on the car. However, if the color of the car is white then it needs more extra, because there is a Watermark stain that is difficult to remove. This stain is generally due to the owner immediately close the car body with a cover when there is a car body area that is still wet.

Are you looking for a way to get rid of stains on white cars? This stain will certainly reduce the aesthetics of your favorite white car. Moreover, if the stain looks very dirty that meets the car body. No need to rush to take him to the car salon, here are some ways to remove stains on white cars.

4 Ways to Remove White Car Stains

There are a few tips below to get rid of stains on a white car, of course you can use some tips that can be done to get a car that is sleek and shiny, follow some of the tips below to get it.

1. Using Solar or Gasoline

If the stain is difficult to remove. Like bird droppings, glue marks, asphalt stains and other difficult stains, you can use diesel or gasoline to clean it. the way is you need to clean your car first from dirt and dust, then you prepare a soft cloth and then wet it with gasoline or diesel liquid, then you wipe the cloth to the place that is stubborn dirt, then prepare another cloth to clean the stain, then flush again using clean water.

2. Clean the car using clay bar

First, you can use the clay bar. Clay bar is a material such as solid soap for cars that functions not only to clean car dirt, but also can make the car shiny and make the texture of the body paint layer smoother.

However, the problem is the price of clay bars is quite expensive. For clay kits alone, it can reach 500 thousand which contains clay bars, quick detailers, and microfiber cloths.

3. Clean the car using wax

Wax has a more affordable price because you can determine the volume as needed. However, using wax requires a longer time, because we need to wash the car first to remove dust or sand. After that, rubbing wax onto the car body using the help of a microfiber cloth. When rubbing this, not once the stain rubbing disappears immediately, because it requires rubbing back and forth so that the stain really disappears. Then it is recommended that you choose the Best Car Wax

4. Clean the car using a compound

Compound is the most effective material for removing impurities such as watermarks. However, if used incorrectly and excessively, it will erode the clear cot layer on your car. This is due to the nature of compounds such as sandpaper that can erode dirt.

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By following a few tips above, you can clean stubborn stains so that your car is clean and shiny. But, if you don’t want to bother using some of the above methods, you can use the services of a car salon at Dons Indonesia, which provides several services such as Interior Salons, Exterior Salons, Full Package Salons, and Nano Ceramic which have already gotten many recommendations from several places have tried car salon services from that place, and the results provided are the best to make your car shiny and sleek like new.