5 Causes of Low Car Power and How to Fix Them

5 Causes of Low Car Power and How to Fix Them

5 Causes of Low Car Power, The condition of an underpowered car engine is one of the most troublesome problems. Under normal circumstances, the vehicle has a traction that rarely chokes so that it is easy for the driver to control.

But different things can happen if the car doesn’t have power. To solve this problem, car owners must know the cause of the car being underpowered. For more details, here are some reasons the car is underpowered

5 Causes of Low Car Power

1. Problems with ignition components

One of the causes of decreased engine performance is a problem with the spark plug which causes the engine ignition process to be not optimal. These problems also vary widely, from spark plug wires to dirty or worn spark plugs.

To solve this problem, first check the condition of the car spark plugs one by one. Then, clean dirty spark plugs or replace worn spark plugs. Also, check the spark plug wires.

2. Problems with the machine

A problematic engine or an engine that is too hot (overheat) can also cause a decrease in vehicle performance. As we know, the car engine is the main driver of the car. Therefore, it is very natural that problems with the engine are one of the causes of the car being underpowered.

To solve this problem, check the state of the car engine and repair it at the nearest repair shop. If the cause is overheating, you should first cool the engine, fill or change the oil.

3. Problem with fuel filter

The fuel filter plays an important role in supplying fuel, which is why we must always keep the fuel filter in good condition. If the fuel filter is dirty or clogged, the engine fuel supply will be interrupted and the engine will not be powered up.

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4. Air filter problem

Just like the fuel filter, the air filter also has a very important function, which is to supply oxygen to the engine. This is very important for the combustion process. therefore the air filter must always be in good condition.

If the air filter is dirty, there will be a blockage that blocks the flow of air. If so, the car will be less powerful.

5. Fuel quality

The most common difference in fuel quality is that it makes the car engine less powerful. Please note, the octane number for each type of fuel is different.

Causes of Low Car Power, The higher the octane number, the better the fuel. Therefore, always try to use quality fuel.