5 Signs of a Car Clutch Must Be Replaced

5 Signs of a Car Clutch Must Be Replaced, Early Care of the Vehicle

Signs of a Car Clutch Must Be ReplacedGnewscar.com– Having a vehicle should certainly pay attention to the small things that if it can be done alone, although it can not replace the clutch itself, at least we know when the clutch cloth of our car needs to be replaced .

The clutch has become an essential part of manual transmission cars because its existence greatly affects the performance of the car, especially in climbs. The main function of the clutch is actually to disconnect the power flow from the transmission machine when we are going to shift the gear. When the shift is complete, there is automatically a difference in acceleration in the transmission. The difference in acceleration will make the car jerky, which is why the clutch is used so that the car stays calm when shifting.

One of the most frequently damaged components in the clutch system is the clutch cloth. In fact, it is not damaged either, but it is time to replace it. Indeed, the fabric of the clutch is indeed carried out during a certain lifetime. When the clutch surface is exhausted, it must be replaced. So what are the characteristics of a clutch that is exhausted? see the review below.

5 Signs of a Car Clutch Must Be Replaced

1. Engine RPM likes Roaring


The engine speed means that the roaring engine speed often increases without being accompanied by a significant increase in the speed of the car. Simple, for example, to drive at a speed of 40 km / h with a speed of 3rd gear, the engine is only about 2000 rpm. But if the clutch is thin, in the same state, the engine speed can reach 3,000 rpm or more.

This is because there is a clutch slip. This clutch slip is caused by the surface of the clutch lining, which prevents complete erosion of the slip.

2. Car Acceleration and Power Weaken 


If the first characteristic can be felt when you are flat, but if this is felt when you accelerate. Clutch canvases that begin to run out will reduce the acceleration of the car and its power. Again, it is caused by a clutch slip. The signs of a car clutch must be replaced. When it accelerates, the engine works quite well but not at a speed that tends to be slower than usual.

To be able, you can feel when you climb. When the car goes up, it needs more power. So that when the clutch runs out, the power is less automatic, the car cannot climb.

3. Rumbling Sounds When The Clutch Operated 


These noises are caused by the friction between the clutch disks. For those who do not know, the clutch works by using a friction between the two types of plates. Namely the clutch plate and the pressure plate. The clutch plates are plates covered with materials such as the ceramic we call couplings, while the pressure plates are thick solid metal.

When the two plates are rubbing against each other, no sound is emitted because there is a layer of cloth which, in addition to preventing slipping, to quell the roar. But the story is different when the clutch is exhausted. Unusual noises will be clearly heard when the clutch is operated.

4. Difficult to Shift Gears 


If this symptom can be felt a lot, and not necessarily the cause of the sector of the transmission. Because difficult-to-use teeth can also be caused by a problematic clutch. The problem is that the clutch disc and the pressure plate stick when the clutch pedal is depressed. So that the speed of the transmission machine is not completely free. That’s why, teeth are difficult to pass.

5. The Clutch Feels Higher Than Usual


The height of the clutch pedal can also be used to indicate the thickness of the clutch cloth. When the clutch is still thick, the clutch is still deep enough. In other words, to release the clutch pedal, it is possible to press deep enough on the rotation of the motor.

Meanwhile, when the clutch is thin or exhausted, the clutch pedal is depressed even slightly, the engine speed is free. The solution to overcome this clutch is to replace the clutch cloth. The cost of replacing the clutch cloth is not too high, but when the sun of the clutch is hit, the cost is automatically higher.

Read the reviews of the 5 Signs of Car Clutches Must Be Replaced, it is hoped that you as a car owner can save more costs by maintaining the vehicle regularly, because if left unchecked, minor damage will increase and the cost of repairs is greater.