5 Tips on Caring for Tires Proven More Durable More Economical

5 Tips on Caring for Tires Proven More Durable More Economical

Tips on Caring for Tires Proven More Durablegnewscar.com– Tires are an important part of land vehicles that cannot be separated, especially car tires. The tire itself is useful to reduce vibrations caused by the presence of imperfect and uneven road surfaces. In addition, the tire is also useful to protect the wheels from wear and damage, provide stability while driving and increase acceleration and facilitate the movement of the car.

Not many people know to treat car tires so they are durable to use. Most of them only use the car without regard to the condition of the car tires. In fact, the car tire itself has a very important function according to the explanation above. Therefore, to make the performance of your car stay awake, one way is to take care of your car tires to stay durable.

5 Tips on Caring for Tires Proven More Durable :

1. The Right Type and Size of Tires . We recommend that you ask for recommendations on the type of tire that suits your driving style. Also make sure the type of tire you are using matches the size and index recommended for your car.

2. Tire Pressure . Try to check your car tire pressure once a month regularly. Lack of wind pressure on your tire will cause fatal damage to the tire.

3. Rotation . Tires also need to be rotated to prevent uneven wear. This is useful to extend the use of tires on your car. Try rotating your car tires every 7,500-10,000km

4.Balancing . In addition to rotating the tire, tire balancing is also needed to prevent shocks and vibrations while driving and uneven wear. Tire balancing can be done when you feel vibration when driving at a certain speed.

5.Spooring . Your vehicle also needs to be routinely dispoored. This is useful to ensure safety and comfort when driving. Spooring is done every time the tire rotates, or it could also be when there are some symptoms such as steering the car pulling towards the right or left when driving.

Use of Tires Does Not Match the Car Speed

As a correct driver, you should pay attention to the speed symbols on car tires. Because, if you drive a car too fast but not in accordance with the specifications of the tires, then this is one of the causes of the car’s rear tires quickly run out. Therefore, know the symbol on the tire and adjust the tire specifications of your car. To be clear, the following are symbols of car tires and the speed that should be traveled.

Use of Tires Does Not Match the Car Speed

  • M symbol >> Maximum speed is 130 km / hour.
  • Symbol N >> Maximum speed of 140 km / hour.
  • Symbol P >> Maximum speed of 150 km / hour.
  • Symbol Q >> Maximum speed of 160 km / hour.
  • Symbol R >> The maximum speed is 170 km / hour.
  • Symbol S >> Maximum speed of 180 km / hour.
  • T symbol >> Maximum speed 190 km / hour.
  • U symbol >> Maximum speed of 200 km / hour.
  • Symbol H >> Maximum speed of 210 km / hour.
  • Symbol V >> Maximum speed of 240 km / hour.
  • Symbol W >> Maximum speed of 270 km / hour.
  • Y symbol >> Maximum speed of 300 km / hour.
  • ZR symbol >> Above maximum speed of 240 km / h.

How to drive a car

Tires Proven More Durable, Not necessarily able to drive a car, fully understand the procedures for driving a car properly. Because, there are still many people who drive cars recklessly or aggressively, such as not knowing the correct driving rules. In addition to your life that is at stake, driving an aggressive car can cause the rear tire of the car to run out quickly, for example, often stop suddenly or the driver often turns the vehicle suddenly too.


Wind pressure Caring for Tires Proven More Durable

In addition to making driving uncomfortable, lack of wind or wind pressure that does not fit on the tire can also make the rear tire of the car quickly run out. In fact, to prevent this cause is quite easy because every automotive factory provides a benchmark of angina pressure according to the type of tire. Benchmark pressure is found inside the cabin or behind the door.

By implementing all the above suggestions you can certainly save more money on car maintenance. That’s the discussion about 5 Tips on Caring for Tires Proven More Durable you need to know. May be useful.