5 Ways to Remove Scratches Inside The Car Easily and Quickly

5 Ways to Remove Scratches Inside The Car Easily and Quickly

5 Ways to Remove Scratches Inside The Car, Gnewscar – Tips on Caring for vehicles How to Remove Scratches Inside the Car, Scratches on the car body will certainly be very frustrating right? Even though it has been very careful in driving and also caring for the car. Blisters on the inside of this car will certainly make the appearance of the car body become less pleasing to the eye, especially if the scratches are in considerable amounts.

the easiest and fastest way to get rid of scratches on the inside of a car. The steps in removing scratches on this car of course we must see how the conditions are scratched before making corrective action. Scratches on the inside is one of the most severe types of damage. If this scratch occurs on your car, then it can be ascertained if the scratch has penetrated the base layer of the car even on the metal material of the car body. Repainting your car is certainly not recommended.

5 Ways to Remove Scratches Inside The Car

There are a few tips on removing car scratches on the inside, so you can get a better car than before. Check out the review below.

See how severe the scratches are

The first way is to remove a car beret by determining how deep and severe the scratches are on your favorite car. Including scratches that can be considered light, medium scratches, and including very deep fried, of course you need to determine these scratches so that you can get by paying attention to the scratch in order to get suitable treatment.

Clean the car

The second way is that you have to start cleaning the part that will be removed by washing the car. So that the part to be cleaned is free of dust and dirt so that it can be better than before, of course, cleaning the car makes it easier for you to do maintenance to remove the beret more easily and quickly.


The third way is you can start to do the sanding process, this sanding process must be done slowly, so that the part of the surface of the car that is scratched can be as flat as other parts of the surface. later in order to be painted again in order to get a better paint and eliminate the scratch.

Use Compound Polishing

The fourth way is that you can use a compund polishing product to handle it, the way is easy, you only need to apply the compound polish with a soft cloth. Rub evenly on the scratches of your car, by rubbing the compoun of course you can get it well and of course you can get the best care by using a compound to return to shiny. Recomended : Best Car Wax Most Used Vehicle Owners

Using Paint Coating

The fifth way is the process by which paint from the bottom to the outer layer of paint can be done to make the car look better than before so that the beret is lost and invisible, with a new car paint will certainly remove the scratches and abrasions.

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With these five ways, you can make your car go back to the way it was, but some of the ways above can’t return the paint to get it back to new, because if the blisters are indeed very deep, of course you need to repaint your car so that it returns to new and to look shiny back.

5 Ways to Remove Scratches Inside The Car Easily and Quickly, For those of you whose cars are experiencing severe problems, you will definitely experience a process called repainting. Well, for this process you must be more observant in buying this type of paint. Customize your paint type with paint that is already attached to the surface of your car. choose matching colors not too bright or dark so of course you can get a car to your liking.