8 Ways to Take Care of the Car Interior Always Clean Easily Without Large Funds

8 Ways to Take Care of the Car Interior Always Clean Easily Without Large Funds

Take Care of the Car Interior Always Clean, gNewscar – car interior cleaning tips today how to clean interior of car with household products. In addition to being treated from the outside, the car must also be treated inside or interior. In the interior is the part that you must pay attention to cleanliness and neatness. With a clean and neat condition, motorists and passengers will feel at home during the trip.

Instead of you spending money to go to the car interior salon, you better clean your car’s interior yourself. Besides being cheaper, you also don’t need to leave the car in the salon for too long. So, you can save time and money.

8 Ways to Take Care of the Car Interior Always Clean

Actually the car interior maintenance process you can do at any time, it’s just that it requires an intention from within the owner. You can discipline yourself to do the cleaning before and after use.

The cleanliness of the interior parts of a car greatly influences the durability and durability of all parts. It also will help maintain your health and family while in the car.

1. Car seat maintenance is appropriate

Each car must have a different type of seat. From there, sometimes a lot of mistakes in cleaning it. Before your seat is damaged, it’s good you should know, what type of material is in your car’s seat.

For example, if it is from fabric or cloth, you can clean it with special fabric cleaning fluid. If it’s made of skin, you can use a brush or a vacuum cleaner.

2. Cover the car floor with the base of the car that is easy to clean

In addition to beautifying the car, the function of the car’s base also makes it easier for you to clean the bottom of the cabin. Because the base or carpet of the car is easier to get dirty, try to use a mat that is easy to clean. It is recommended to be more efficient, the base of the car is made of synthetic rubber

3. Use cleaning fluid and a brush for the car ceiling

Parts of the car ceiling are sometimes often overlooked, even though the part is easy to get dirty and moldy. You can use cleaning fluid and a soft brush to clean your car’s ceiling.

4. Don’t forget to clean the dashboard

In addition to the ceiling, the car dashboard is also a part that is easy to get dirty. How to clean it is also not difficult, you can use a feather duster or cloth. When rubbing, no need to be hard, a hard rub will cause a scratch on the dashboard.

5. Put the mini trash can or trash bag in the car cabin

The existence of a trash can makes it easier for you to clean the car cabin. Besides being practical, you don’t need to stop to get rid of trash.

6. Use a toothbrush for a small, detailed interior

In the car there are nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach by laps and feather duster. Therefore, you need a special toothbrush to make it easier for you to clean dirt that is difficult to reach.

7. Don’t forget to also clean the inner window glass

In addition to the outside window glass, the inside also needs cleaning. Use a glass cleaner and a cloth that contains micro fiber. Try to use a glass cleaner that is suitable for the type of windshield.

8. Install the air freshener

After all the parts are cleaned and dried, the last step is to spray air freshener. You can also install car air freshener on the car dashboard. In searching for air fresheners, you are free to choose according to taste.

The exterior and interior are just as important, but it is precisely the interior of the car that is lacking attention. So, be diligent in cleaning the inside too, yes, because a clean cabin will make users comfortable and comfortable in the car.

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