9 Ways to Disguise Striped Car Paint the Easiest and Fastest

9 Ways to Disguise Striped Car Paint the Easiest and Fastest

9 Ways to Disguise Striped Car Paint the Easiest and Fastest, gnewscar – Painting a car is not an easy thing, especially for those who have never done it before. Because this job requires tenacity and expertise.

If done by someone carelessly, the painting may not give perfect results, one of which is striped car paint. So, to overcome striped car paint, the following steps can be followed.

9 Ways to Disguise Striped Car Paint the Easiest and Fastest

Do painting in an official workshop

Painting a car has been described as not an easy thing and due to certain conditions, the car’s color may be discolored. To avoid this from happening, take the car to an authorized repair shop then repaint it.

Avoid using fake repair shops if you want satisfactory results. Because the official workshop will carry out the work process on the car with its expertise and experience. Things that are not desirable to happen can be minimized.

Clean the surface to be painted

The part of the car that will be painted is first cleaned of various impurities. So that later the paint doesn’t mix with various impurities that can disturb the appearance. So for clean results, don’t forget to clean which parts will be painted first. Do the way to wash the car properly.

Follow the procedure

When painting, don’t paint it immediately without knowing anything and if you can’t do it, don’t do it yourself. This painting process must be carried out according to the procedure provided by the paint manufacturer itself. In addition, don’t forget to use the services of technicians who can be trusted, trained and experienced. If the color of the car is black, do the way to polish black car paint afterwards.

Do it indoors

The painting process or to make paint colors all the same color should be done indoors. Not in a dark room, but make light with adequate levels. In addition, before spraying the paint, it is necessary to check first, don’t just spray.

Use a good varnish

When re-staining you should choose a clear coat or if a varnish is used, then use a good quality one. Characteristics that can withstand high intensity UV rays, long durability, hardness, and scratch resistance so that it can really protect the vehicle. Also use the best paint protection.

Ability to mix paint

When it comes to painting car colors and getting to the exact same color as the manufacturer’s, it is difficult. Well, this can also work if the technician is really good at mixing colors together. So it is very necessary to do it in a workshop where the technicians are experts in the car painting process.

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Wait for the paint to dry completely

If the paint is not dry then don’t force it to continue using the car. Especially if it’s raining at that time, you should wait until all the paint dries completely. So that the best time to do the car painting process is when the sun is hot. Also use car paint protectors and be sure to bring them to an authorized repair shop. Don’t forget to know the price range that must be paid.

Putting on

This is done thinly and evenly as well as slowly. Avoid hasty processes because the results you will get are not optimal. Moreover, if the results are not evenly distributed, there are even holes in it of course this process must be repeated from the beginning. Wait until the initial putty is dry, then do the next putty.

Do sandpaper

Wait for the putty to dry completely then sand it down. First use a coarse sandpaper, then use a plate or slab media if the result is straight. Then repeat the fine sandpaper and add it using water. After drying, then the painting process is done

So many car body care articles about 9 ways to deal with striped car paint. For those who have often brought it to the workshop carelessly, now they are starting to take it to the official workshop. May be useful.