Creator of Bugatti Chiron united with rival Koenigsegg

Automotive News: Creator of Bugatti Chiron united with rival Koenigsegg

Creator of Bugatti Chiron united with rival– Creator of the Bugatti Chiron exterior is reportedly united with rival Koenigsegg as the new design manager from now on. Various successful works he designed. He also created his own design company, but Koenigsegg seems to agree with that.

Alexander Selipanov, who prefers to pass Sasha, previously worked at Bugatti, where he helped design the overall appearance of the Chiron hypercar. Before that, he worked at Lamborghini and previously at Volkswagen. Most recently, he worked for the Genesis luxury car brand, where he worked on several concept cars.

Creator of Bugatti Chiron So yes, this person seems to be eligible to work at Koenigsegg.

Bugatti Chiron united with rival Koenigsegg

Bugatti Chiron united with rival Koenigsegg

Sasha graduated from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. From there, he went to Volkswagen in 2005, then to Lamborghini in 2010 to help Huracan. His work there, he landed at Bugatti where he was responsible for exterior design. Sasha is aware of the exterior of Bugatti Chiron and Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo.

After that, Sasha took a job at Genesis as Head of Global Advanced Design. He led work on two concept cars, Genesis Essentia in 2018 and the Genesis Mint electric suburb revealed at the 2019 New York Auto Show.

Now, Sasha travels to Sweden where he will take on the role of new design chief at Koenigsegg starting in October. Not only that, he will also start his own business. RAW Design House will be based in Angelholm, Sweden, and Sasha will be the General Manager and Chief Designer, providing design solutions for a select group of clients.

“This is a dream come true,” Sasha said in a statement. “I have been to Koenigsegg for years and am a fan of the spirit of freedom and commitment to innovation. In today’s world, Koenigsegg’s history and achievements are second to none; I am honored to offer Koenigsegg my professional expertise and my long-standing passion for sports cars . ”

Creator of Bugatti Chiron united with rival Koenigsegg, With Jeska already out, maybe we’ll see Sasha try a more ridiculous version of what could be the fastest production car ever made?