Bad Impact if Overdue Car Engine Oil

Bad Impact if Overdue Car Engine Oil

Bad Impact if Overdue Car Engine– Engine lubricating oil or better known oil, is an important component of motor and car. There is danger lurking if you are late oil replaced.

The oil itself generally has three functions namely, as a machine cooler, lubricant, to maintain the cleanliness of the machine. But if one of them shifts then it will be very influential in the performance of your vehicle.

Usually the replacement of engine oil in the vehicle manual, the average manufacturer suggests every 2,000 km – 3,000 km or 2 months for the two-wheeled vehicle, if the car is usually 5,000-10,000 km, or six months.

For oil change depending on the kilometer or hours of use, whichever is first achieved, but it is recommended for users of vehicles in the city based on months only instead of the kilometer. Because usually oil will work more extra in the road conditions are stuck.

There are some adverse effects if the oil or late deficiency replaces it, the first possibility that will occur, the engine RPM will not be maximized or fuel becomes more extravagant, both engines will be easily hot and the most fatal is the component on the machine will quickly wear out.

If it is worn, the lifespan will be shorter. This can make the compression so weak and the engine performance is guaranteed to decrease, the worse your vehicle can get off the machine.