The Best Sponge For Car Wash

Low Prices, The Best Sponge For Car Wash in 2020

The Best Sponge For Car Wash review from gNewscar, To get perfect results when you wash the car not only rely on the best car wash soap but the sponge used must also be good, don’t use sponges carelessly because it can scratch your beloved car. Then, what is the best sponge brand for car washing ?, on this page we will review some of the best products that you can choose before you buy.

If you like to shop online and look for the best sponge products for car washing, you will find a lot of products in online stores whether it’s Amazon or the other and all products definitely call themselves the best. Of course this will make us confused to make a choice, in this article we will narrow it down to just a few products that have been proven to provide maximum results for car washing. Curious ?, Let’s look together :

What Best Sponge For Car Wash ?

Have you been using the best sponge for your car wash?, if you have a sponge problem that you wear is easily damaged or not durable this review may be helpful.

Relentless Drive Ultimate Microfiber Washing Sponge

The Endless Microfiber Ultimate Drive Washing Sponge ranks first in the best ranking, this sponge is widely used by professionals from long ago. Remarkably, this product has two different functions in dry or wet conditions can give satisfying results. when used in a wet state the sponge can remove impurities on the car, but if used in a dry state it is able to clean dust from the surface of the car cleanly without scratching.

Relentless Drive Ultimate Microfiber Washing Sponge

Although this sponge cannot be durable, it is not uncommon to damage it several times, but at least it does not leave scratches that damage the car paint coating when used for washing. What makes this product popular in the market is the guarantee of satisfaction from the manufacturer when you buy Relentless Drive Ultimate Microfiber Washing Sponge

Best Feature:

  • Lint and scratch free
  • Wash wet or dry dust
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Deficiency :

The product is not the most durable

HIRUN Waterproof Car Wash Mitts

The second recommendation is HIRUN Waterproof Car Wash Mitt Sponge with the shape of this glove is very easy to use by anyone and provides comfort in washing the car. Besides being comfortable to use, these washing gloves are also waterproof so that your hands will stay dry when washing. You do not need to be afraid that these gloves will damage the paint coating of your car because they have been designed as well as possible so as not to leave scratches.

HIRUN Waterproof Car Wash Mitts

Guaranteed the results obtained are very satisfying because HIRUN washing gloves are able to absorb liquid strongly. Another consideration is the durability of these car wash gloves, the best material that is applied by experts in sewing makes this product not perishable even if used repeatedly.

Best Feature:

  • Waterproof gloves that are big enough to fit the hand
  • It absorbs liquid strongly
  • Durable product, high quality material

See Also :

Viking Simple Grip Washing Sponge

The best sponge for the next car wash is the Viking Simple Grip Washing Sponge, although the price is relatively cheap, but this product is able to provide maximum results, from its shape this product looks simple and classic, shaped like a bone so it is easy to hold. Viking Simple Grip Washing Sponge has a wide surface so that the car washing process will be faster.

Viking Simple Grip Washing Sponge

Another advantage of using this sponge is that it is proven to be durable for years as long as it does not disappear, this is a great thing behind its cheap price.

Best Feature:

  • The product is comfortable to hold
  • Wider surface area
  • Car Wash Faster
  • Very durable
  • Low price

AsyPets Car Wash Microfiber Sponges House Clean Sponge

Ranked fourth as the best sponge that you can buy near me, AsyPets Car Wash Microfiber Sponge is one product that is worth considering because its good quality is also durable to use every day. The large shape is able to remove impurities in the car with a relatively fast time, better yet to clean this sponge we only need to soak in water the dirt that will stick off by itself.

AsyPets Car Wash Microfiber Sponges House Clean Sponge

AsyPets is the best car wash sponge that can absorb large amounts of liquid. Of course this will save your expenses because the car wash soap that you use is also more durable. When touched this sponge does feel rough and harder when compared to other brands, but other brands can be sure to break faster. Although rough but safe to use on the surface of the car so you don’t have to worry about getting scratched.

The best features:

  • Large size and durable in use
  • Able to absorb large amounts of liquid
  • Very easy to clean

Viking Long Pile Microfiber Sponge

The Best Car Wash Sponge in the fifth rank you can choose the Viking Long Pile Microfiber first holding the impression that is felt is softness. This car wash product is similar to a pillow, very comfortable when held and also smooth. Almost the same as the previous product, its shape also resembles a bone so that it will be easily applied without the need for great effort to grasp.

Viking Long Pile Microfiber Sponge

Not only can it be used to wash the body of the car but the Viking Long Pile Microfiber Sponge can also be used to clean the engine parts of the car without fear of getting dirty, this sponge is very easy to clean even though you use it to clean the dirt on the engine.

A slight drawback of this product is that it is rigid and cannot even be bent, when used to clean parts it will form an angle like the parts of a car that is cleaned.

Greenet Cellulose Multi-use Sponge

The choice of car wash sponge recommendations from Gnewscar is Greenet Cellulose Multi-Use Sponge besides being good this product is also environmentally friendly very different from other products that are spread in the market. Extra strong liquid absorption so you can save water and the best car wash soap of your choice.

Greenet Cellulose Multi-use Sponge

Greenet Cellulose Multi-use Sponge cannot be called a durable car wash tool although sometimes you also find several products that are able to last a long time when used. This tool is great for cleaning dirt that is hard to disappear, and helps you overcome all the problems of dirt on the car.

Because it is considered as an environmentally friendly product that makes the price of greenet more expensive than sponges for other car wash, but balanced with the expensive price, this product gives a guarantee of satisfaction and will even return your money if you are not satisfied using it.

How to Choose the best car wash sponge

When looking for a reliable sponge to clean your car, there are a number of things that need to focus on certain flexibility, absorption and durability. This section is here to help you see how important differences in these characteristics are.


sponges can be used for many different things, and it all depends on the ingredients they use. First, the standard would be a good flat sponge to wipe and spread water, but it doesn’t have many other applications. Sponges with nets or textured sides have advantages that make scrubbing easier. And a sponge with a long fiber that is pleasant scrub when wet and can also be used for clean dust when dry. This flexibility can change a simple sponge tool that is very useful.


When buying a sponge to wash your car, you want to look for a sponge that can absorb and retain liquid. A highly absorbent sponge that not only uses more water to clean more efficiently, but can also maintain a more cleaning solution. In this way, everything you use to clean, get rid of less and if it has to – on your car, clean up dirt and dust. Absorbent sponges can make a big difference in buying a bottle or five bottles of cleaning solution.


Sponges a lot of abuse during use. They are constantly squeezed, crushed, and bent to absorb liquid and clean areas of different shapes. That is why you must ensure that you get a durable sponge that will be able to use again and again. If a sponge starts to tear and break after several uses, it is not a large investment. Along with this, if your sponge is so dirty that it can’t be used or cleaned, pat it into vain too. That is why you must ensure that your sponge is easy to clean and maintain.

Closing: Best Sponge For Car Wash in this discussion is just a recommendation, Gnewscar does not sell any products and all choices are returned to you.