Best Windshield Wipers

Best Windshield Wipers in 2020, How To Take Care To Be Durable

Best Windshield Wipers Brand in 2020

Here are 10 recommendations of the Best Windshield Wipers brands to choose from, but we will not explain each product, but rather focus on the maintenance of the wiper so that it can last long and do not change frequently.

1. Editor’s Pick: Bosch ICON
2. Best Budget Option: ANCO 31-Series
3. Best for Winter: Michelin Stealth Ultra Hybrid Wiper Blade
4. Aero Premium All-Season Wipers
5. Bosch OE Specialty AeroTwin
6. Valeo 900 Ultimate Series
7. PIAA Silicone Wipers
8. Rain-X Latitude Water Repellency 2-n-1 Wiper Blades
9. SilBlade Premium Silicone
10. TRICO Exact-Fit Wiper Blades

How to Take Care of Windshield Wiper

After knowing the product to be purchased, of course you do not want the windshield wiper to be damaged quickly, there are steps that must be considered to keep it good and can last a long time so you do not need to spend more to replace it again.

When Should Replace Windshield Wipers ?

Like other components, the wiper rubber on the car has a usage age limit. If you already feel the signs of the rubber swabs are not working optimally in cleaning water, it can be a symptom that the rubber has begun to damage.

When you feel the signs of worn-out wiper rubber, you should immediately replace the new one. This is to anticipate damage to other components, one of which avoid scratches on the windshield.

Actually, when is the right time to replace the Best Windshield Wipers ?

If you follow the correct rules, actually rubber replacement should be done routinely every six months. Don’t wait until it is damaged because if the rubber is damaged, it could cause damage to other parts. The most risky impact is on the glass both in front and behind.

Therefore, before it’s too late you should not ignore the replacement of car wiper rubber. Moreover, the price of rubber glass swabs is also quite affordable especially when compared to the price of broken glass due to negligence of rubber replacement.

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Strengths and Weaknesses of Car Wiper

The wipers that are on the front and rear windshields, most commonly have two types. First, the frame (blade) is one without a frame (frameless), and both have various differences in how it works.

For choosing the type of glass wiper usually depends on the choice of the car owner, there are those who like to use frames but there are also frameless types. wipers that use frames like most used, this frame serves to support and press the rubber wipers when operated.

Meanwhile, the frameless does not use frames because the wiper blades are designed curved. So that when pressed into the windshield wiper will follow the glass contour.

In addition to the differences in shape, there are advantages and disadvantages of both types. For wipers that use frames, the rubber will not shake because it is supported by a blade. If the weakness is if the rubber has been damaged, the frame or blade can hit the glass and can make a scratch on the glass.

Water wipers on frameless windshields are simpler than those using frames. This is because the wiper rubber will automatically follow the contour of the windshield. “However, there are also disadvantages, which are easy to vibrate or judder because the handle is only in the middle.

With the Strengths and Weaknesses, of course, can be a consideration for car owners who want to replace the wiper.

3 Signs of Car Windshield Wipers Are Damaged

Damage to the eraser usually does not occur suddenly. The rubber in charge of wiping water on the windshield will signal if the condition is no longer good.

Apart from the age of usage that is too long, the damage can also be caused by how its use is not as it should. Like operating when Windshield Wipers dry. So, it can damage rubber and can even make a beret on the glass.

Windshield wipers whose conditions are still good will not make a sound when turned on. This is because the rubber is still flexible so that it can work optimally when used. One sign of the wiper is broken when you hear a noise because it’s hard rubber

Imperfect water swabs: Wiper has a very important task in providing visibility to the driver when driving in rainy conditions.

Glass swabs that are in good condition will work perfectly in cleaning water in the glass, both the front and back. However, if when used the wiper cannot wipe water completely it becomes one of the rubber markings it’s time to be replaced.

Do not fill the wiper liquid with detergent

The use of detergents is even dangerous because the foam produced from detergents can interfere with the visibility of the driver. In addition, it turns out detergents can also clog in the hose and washer. This condition actually makes the wiper fluid clogged and cannot be used.

The peak of the rainy season is predicted to have occurred last January, although the rain still often falls in the last few days. Car drivers must be vigilant, because rain conditions can interfere with visibility while driving.

One component that plays a role in keeping the driver’s view clear is the wiper. Likewise with the wiper liquid that works to remove impurities that are difficult to clean.

Wiper liquid is stored in a reservoir tube that can run out at any time. Therefore, the driver must be diligent in checking it so that it is always ready to use.

Fill the reservoir tube using a special wiper liquid that is sold on the market. It is possible to use tap water, especially during emergencies. But tap water is not recommended for long-term use, because it can cause mold on the windshield if the water is not immediately dried with a cloth.

Tap water sometimes also is not able to rinse the dirt completely. So many car owners fill the reservoir tube with detergents to increase the wipers’ ability to remove dirt.


Windshield Wipers must choose the best brand, but don’t just rely on the brand, you also have to keep it longer, because the Best Windshield Wipers will be damaged quickly if not treated.