Car Is Locked From The Inside

The Car Is Locked From The Inside Here’s How To Easily Open And Take The Keys

Car Is Locked From The Inside is not a rare event. Various car components must be maintained properly, especially car keys. Because this key is not only used to make the car door open but is also very important for the car to live.

Well, the problem is that the car keys are left inside while the door is locked. To overcome this, there are two ways that can be done, namely using a wire hanger or clothes hanger or by using a ruler.

The Car Is Locked From The Inside

A simple tool that is sure to be in your house can be a helper god when your car is locked from the inside, of course there are tricks that must be followed so that you can open the car door and get your car keys back.

Using Wire Hangers

Apparently, coat hanger wire can be used to open keys and even as a way of assembling car audio capacitors. Prepare the wire hanger needed, which can be used which is already a clothes hanger that is no longer used. We recommend that you use a clothes hanger made of wire.

Because plastic hangers are generally easier to break when bent, plus it is difficult to do so. Especially if plastic clothes hangers are soft, you should use wire hangers.

The hanger wire is cut and then the bent part is straightened. This is done if the car door is locked manually, because manual locks can generally be opened in a unique way.

Next, the end of the wire is bent to form a small indentation. The purpose of making the indentation is so that the car door lock can be attached to the grooved part of the wire. The length of the coat hanger wire needed can range from 3 cm or 5 cm depending on needs. If something longer is needed, go ahead. The most important thing is that the goal is to make the car door open.

The wire is from the part between the rubber layer on the car window and the barrier on the car door. The wire is threaded close to the hook lever needed for the door to open.

The next step is to make a coat hanger wire attached to the lever. The hook is moved until the car door opens. The lock lever will continue to move the latch until it really hooks perfectly.

Once linked, then the next thing to do is lift the lock lever. lift the lever up to open the car door. Then pull with all your strength because this lock lever is stronger than the wire. Don’t forget to be patient because the process is a bit difficult to do.

Open The Car Door With a Ruler

Prepare a ruler or ruler to be used. We recommend that you choose an iron material in order to open it easier, because if the plastic breaks quickly.

Open The Car Door With a Ruler

The glass rubber on the car door is removed. Don’t worry, because the plastic that sticks to the car window, after the door opens, it can be replaced. This is useful so that the ruler that is inserted later can easily fit under the glass on the car door.

The next step, a ruler is inserted into the inside of the car door. To make it easier, you should first know the key panel point. The trick is to find out by looking at the movement of the key panel. If the manual part of the lock moves, that is the lever used to make the door open.

The part of the panel that has been found is pressed first. Then it is then pulled firmly until the car door that was locked can open. However, this does not mean that the door can open once this step. So if it is only once done and the car door is not open, these tricks can be repeated several times.

That’s the way you can do to open a locked car door. Please use these two methods, you can choose whichever one. The important thing is not to panic because with a panic the car door will not open. Don’t forget, make sure you don’t do things that cause auto locks or machine problems.

Above is an easy trick to open Car Is Locked From The Inside, this is a small thing but will cause panic for anyone who experiences it, hopefully with the explanation above you can unlock your car without having to call the technician to your house.