Caring for Turbo Car Engines, Maintain Quality Oil and Fuel

Caring for Turbo Car Engines, Maintain Quality Oil and Fuel

Maintenance Tips For Turbo Car Engines from gNewscar – Widely used in today’s cars for efficiency and to boost power, this is how to maintain a turbo engine. Turbo is a tool that functions to increase the supply of air to the combustion chamber in the engine. The abundance of air supply that supports combustion will automatically increase the car’s power spontaneously.

This applies when the engine RPM touches a certain point by increasing the drag or jerking speed.

Now, many turbos are embedded in factory-built car engines, both diesel and gasoline. The turbo engine allows the driver to feel the sensation of a more aggressive driving performance.

Although turbo engine maintenance is not much different from normally aspirated or non-turbo engines, there are still a number of things that must be considered.

How to Maintain a Turbo Car Engine

It is not enough just to buy a car with a turbo engine to look luxurious, special vehicles also require attention and expensive costs, to save on car maintenance expenses with a turbo engine you can listen to the following tips:

The Fest fuel

The easiest way to take care of a turbo engine is to give it the best fuel. In general, turbo engines use high compression gasoline, namely 95 octane.

Then, for cars such as the Toyota Fortuner with VNT (Variable Nozzle Turbo) technology with diesel fuel, Cetane 53 can be used.

The Fest fuel

The Fest fuel

The reason is, high compressed air automatically requires fuel with a higher octane number or cetane number too.

Fuel with an octane number or cetane number that is too low has the potential to interfere with engine performance.

The use of quality fuel will also make the combustion process in the engine room more perfect so that it doesn’t produce any residual exhaust gases that stick to the turbine.

The exhaust gas that sticks to the turbine can cause the turbine turbine fan that pumps air to the combustion chamber to be obstructed.

Selection of engine oil

Furthermore, the choice of oil must be considered in maintaining a turbo engine. Make sure you use oil that fits the car’s specifications.

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Oil for turbo engines is usually more fluid and has better lubrication and cooling capabilities. In addition, oil changes must be done on time or sooner.Then, make sure the oil is in the maximum amount, because if it is not sufficient then the oil supply to the engine will decrease and cause its performance to be not optimal. See Also : choose between Synthetic vs. Conventional Oils

Routinely clean the air filter

The air that enters the turbo does not only come from the engine, but also from outside the engine. See Also : How To Change Your Own Car Air Filter At Home ?

Routinely do maintenance on the cabin cooling system

Routinely do maintenance on the cabin cooling system

Therefore, the air filter used must be cleaned or replaced regularly so that the turbo engine does not suck in dirty air which causes dirt buildup and hinders engine work.

Learn the use of turbo engine cars

Finally, to maintain a turbo engine, you must study the usage and characteristics of the car engine.

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Avoid running on the turbo engine when the engine temperature is below normal. Instead, make sure the engine has reached normal working temperature by driving the car slowly.

Or, when you want to drive, it’s a good idea to preheat the engine for about 5 to 10 minutes. The working principle of the turbo engine is claimed not to be instant to use immediately.

Not only that, before turning off the car engine, wait for the turbine RPM to decrease. Let the engine stay running for about 1 minute. The turbo engine takes some time for the cooling process to prevent engine wear.

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Periodic maintenance

Don’t forget to always take care of the turbo engine regularly by taking it to the official repair shop so that its performance is always optimal.

Car maintenance is now easier without the need to go to the garage and the hassle of queuing. You only need to use the Home Service in the Booking Service.

So what are you waiting for, let’s keep the car’s performance by regularly performing regular maintenance according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.