Causes Of Car Electricity System Off And How To Overcome

Causes Of Car Electricity System Off And How To Overcome

Causes Of Car Electricity System Off, Share knowledge from Gnewscar to overcome, How to Fix Car electrical System problem in your vehicle at home. Will be a serious problem when there is a sudden need for our car can not be turned on because, do not yet panic, most of these problems are caused because there is damage to the electrical parts of the car.

Problems with vehicles do sometimes occur without significant signs such as lights and electrical systems fail. Even though to start the engine, a car needs electricity to work. If you experience this it will indeed feel confused and annoying. But there are no problems that cannot be solved, all must have a solution.

In this case it could happen when the car’s engine is off or on. Even on the way it can also occur after stopping and trying to revive, even though the vehicle feels no problems. If you experience this, do not panic, because it will not solve the problem.

For older vehicles, this often happens, although not all cars experience it. Some people immediately called a technician because they panicked and worried they could not continue the journey. but before doing so you should check and find out the cause of the car’s electrical system to die.

Causes Of Car Electricity System Off And How To Fix ?

Car electrical system is very important in vehicles, especially starting the engine. If a device that uses electrical power turns off and cannot turn on, then it could be the cause is the electricity from the battery is cut off. The power outage could be due to rust on the battery pole or the cable leading to the battery is released. If you already know the problem, you can fix it yourself.

The Battery Pole is Loose

The first thing to do is to open the hood of the car and see the condition of the engine. just in case you should wait for it to cool down if after traveling or before the engine has started After that, check the battery starting from the pole to the cable connection to the battery.

The Battery Pole is Loose

So the cause can be because the nuts that lock the cables and battery poles are loose or loose. That way the cable does not touch the battery pole which makes the electric power cannot be channeled towards the car components.

To overcome the electrical system the car dies if the cause as the above is fairly easy. After the machine feels cold and harmless, you can tighten the nut that locks the cable and the battery pole. Make sure that it is tightly bound without any gaps.

However, if the problem is that there is white dirt or powder that blocks the flow of electricity, then the solution is to clean it. You can use a wire brush or toothbrush, if not find something strong like a twig to remove the white powder. As a precaution, when cleaning you should first remove the car contact.

Wiring and Socket Ignition Socket

If the fuse escapes the alias alias is still in normal condition, try checking the ignition socket if it is loose or not. The reason is, if the socket is loose then the connection of electric current between the key and the engine lighter is not met, consequently the engine is difficult to start.

Wiring and Socket Ignition Socket

However, if the socket turns out healthy even though the alias is not problematic, you should turn your attention to the starter dynamo.

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Dinamo Starter

This device is a dynamo that is driven by electricity to produce rotation. When the engine is activated by turning the ignition key to ‘on’ then the electric current will flow to the starter and activate the solonoid.

Furthermore, the solenoid will push the gear to the flywheel to fly the engine and the engine will be active. However, if the dynamo starter has problems, the engine will be difficult to start.

Check the Condition of the Alternator

One of the functions of this device is to charge an electric current to the battery. If the alternator has a problem, the car’s electrical system is not functioning, as a result the car is difficult to start or break down.

Check the Condition of the Alternator

The way to check the condition of the alternator is quite easy. The first way, you can see the instrument indicator panel with a picture of the battery. If the image is lit, the alternator has a problem and so on.

If in your car there is no such indicator, you can do the traditional way. Look for a screwdriver or wrench and attach the tool to the alternator pulley.

If the screwdriver or spanner is interested, it means that there is still a magnetic force and an electric current. “It means that the alternator is still okay,” Tirtadji said.

However, if you have a voltmeter and carry it, checking will be easier. The reason is, you simply attach the plus and minus needles to the ends of each side of the alternator.

The alternator standard current is 13-15 volts. If it is less than the lowest number or 13, it means the alternator has a problem. Vice versa. If it turns out the alternator is not problematic then, you need to check the condition of the battery.