Find and Resolve the Causes of Rugged and Noisy Car Engines

Find and Resolve the Causes of Rugged and Noisy Car Engines

Causes of Rugged and Noisy Car Engines, – The cause of the car engine sounds to be rough variety, among which the air conditioner (AC) compressor that does not work properly could cause the engine sound to be rough and certainly interfere with the comfort of driving.

In addition, strange sounds can be removed from the problematic tensioner, or from the pulley of the U.S. crutches, which have been torn, V-belts are outdated, as well as engine lubricants that are not suitable for the dose.

Rough machine sounds can also occur due to a cleft gap that is too loose. Therefore, it is important to note that the rough sound comes from the valve using the valve lifter should be done by the expert in the workshop.

Causes of Rugged and Noisy Car Engines

Car Engine Lacking Engine Oil

The oil serves as a lubricant for every component in the car. If the oil level is reduced, the machines are not completely lubricated. As a result when friction will arise noisy noises. If left continuously, the existing components will suffer damage.

For that, as much as possible we change the vehicle oil about once a month. In addition to lubricating, oil also serves to prevent heavy damage to every component of an existing machine.

Problem with the V-belt

The Belt is one component of a car engine in the form of a fan strap connected to the radiator, alternator, and air conditioning compressor. If inside the cabin suddenly, the sound of a squeaky unusual, there could be damage to the car v belt. This damage is usually caused by a belt condition that is already worn or damaged, dirty, and dry.

If damaged, immediately replace the belt with a new one. Whereas if it is dirty or dry, bring a vehicle to the workshop so that V belt can be cleaned and lubricated specifically rubber.

Problem With AC Kompressor

When the air conditioning is turned on a loud sound such as the voice of the person is in orbit, there can be damage to the compressor. There are two components that may have to be examined, namely: AC bearing, and its piston part. If the damage is found in the bearing, immediately replace the compressor of your car.

To prevent compressor damage, periodically check the AC workshop regularly. If there is any damage, immediately perform the necessary servicing. If the AC age is estimated to be too long, immediately make a replacement so that when driving we are no longer disturbed by the noise from the compressor.

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Foreign objects in the car

The entry of foreign objects in cars should be a concern. Dry leaves or other objects that fit into a car air conditioner machine can make the AC machine sound quite noisy.

This is because the foreign object could impede the performance of the car’s AC machine and the occurrence of friction between the foreign objects with a car AC machine.

So during the use of the car make sure no unreasonable items get into the car. For those with outdoor activities especially those who travel to these areas. This becomes a list that can not be separated from our attention.

It’s time Bearing in service

In the car, there is a component called bearing. This component can be found in almost all parts of the engine such as Tensioner, Idler, Alternator, kompressor, and water pump. If there is a noise in the car, the sound comes from the bearing.

For initial identification, a bearing defect is usually known from a firmer sound when the RPM is raised. This is a sign, bearing on one component is undergoing damage. To make sure, bring the car to the workshop. In the workshop, there is a tool called Soundscoope which can be used to detect abnormal sound.

The noise due to damage to the bearing will disappear once the defective parts are replaced with a new one. To prevent this, never forget to perform the service once every 3 or 4 months.


Knocking is a “klitik” sound caused by a piston vibration that has a wall cylinder. This happens because of an improper combustion process or too advanced. For a manual distributor vehicle, prolong ignition time can be a solution to this problem.

As for today’s cars, using gasoline without lead and keeping the fuel room clean can reduce knocking on the machine. So if the car is actually advised to use the first, do not try to replace it with premium only because it is a cheaper price. Because the lead content in premium is one of the causes of noise on the machine.

Magnetic Clucth having trouble

As a car user, certainly no stranger with the term magnetic clucth. Magnetic Clucth is the most important part of the car’s AC section. If magnetic clucth cause problems, then the performance of the AC also problematic.

Such as air conditioner not cold or AC with noisy sound. Moreover magnetic clucth is a link between each with the compressor.

To handle the noisy car air conditioner, we can take it to the car AC workshop. So that noisy air conditioner problems can be handled immediately.

Those are some of the problems that cause your car engine is rough and noisy