Power Steering Oil Routinely

Change The Power Steering Oil Routinely to Keep the Light Weight

Power Steering Oil, Gnewscar.com – Power steering work is not separated from the use of liquids or oil. Unlike other engine parts that require lubricant, the power steering oil will reach the replacement deadline.

Power steering change period can be done after reaching 200 thousand kilometers or already 1 year of usage. However, if your steering immediately feels so heavy there is a chance you should change your power steering oil.

To change power steering oil is not a difficult job. The device you need is a hose, clamp or rubber band, plastic and container to accommodate used oil.

The first thing to do is find a power steering reservoir tube. To be able to find it open your vehicle’s manual book. The next step is to empty the oil that is in the reservoir by blocking it.

car Power Steering Oil Routinely

car Power Steering Oil Routinely

In the reservoir tube there are two different hoses connected. The large hose connected to the reservoir is a high pressure hose that connects the reservoir to the power steering pump, while the small hose is a low pressure hose that drains the oil from the power steering gear box to the reservoir.

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Remove the small hose then connect it with an additional hose that the other end comes down to the container. Cover a small hose hole that sits on the reservoir tube to hold the oil.

Currently the preparation drains the old power steering oil is ready, pour new oil into the reservoir to the charging limit. Turn on your machine so that old oil comes out through a small hose, we recommend asking relatives for help to simplify.

The reason during the drain process of this reservoir tube will be empty because it fills the gear box power steering, the content continues to greeting the drain process. It is necessary to do so that no air enters into power steering. If the exiting oil has become clear due to new oil, turn the machine off. Then return the small hose position to its original place. Fill the reservoir back if it has not reached the maximum limit.

The next step is to provide circulation in the power steering system to remove the air that may enter during the drain. Turn the machine back on wait a few moments, then turn the steering wheel to the right or left full, with a pause of about 10 seconds of opposite direction and then revert to a neutral position.

Do the above repeatedly until the sound of vibration due to the circulation disappears, then check the oil level on the reservoir and close.

When to Change Power Steering Oil

Power steering oil should be replaced every 20,000 km, if up to 60,000 km oil is already less good. The way power steering works, to move the wheel left or right is used oil pressure from the oil pump with a high pressure. So that there is no leakage and so that the movements smut then used rubber seals. As from power steering is also clean and smooth once like dirom. All that is done so there is no leakage.

When to Change Power Steering Oil

Our engine oil is replaced every 5000 km, axle oil every 20,000. The machine is more tired because there is a spread in the machine, while the axle is not. Nevertheless, the oil used in the axle, transmission or the power steering if it is more than 20,000 km, has begun to contain water and deposits. When these deposits and water are not immediately discarded, they will cause rust in the as power steering, and it must then be sealed and finally the entire power steering system is damaged. On the case, the cost of repair power steering, price axle and transmission gear is also quite expensive.