2 Way vs 3 Way Speaker, Which Is Better

Confused Choosing 2 Way vs 3 Way Speaker, Which Is Better Between the Two

2 Way vs 3 Way Speaker Gnewscar today – When someone wants to change the car audio will definitely think to choose 2 Way or 3 Way Speaker, actually what are the advantages of these two types of components, here we will try to explain the difference from 2 Way and 3 Way speakers so you do not need to re-choose the option.

Actually if there is a question which one is better between 2-way or 3-way speakers all have advantages and disadvantages of each, All back again to people who use what tastes like. The question is, which is better between the two speaker configurations?.

Speaker material and average output or RMS become important variables in choosing speakers. High-performance 2-way speakers will outperform mediocre 3-way speakers, however, 3-way speakers have the potential to outperform 2-way speakers in terms of sound detail and complexity when the quality of the speakers used is equivalent.

2 Way vs 3 Way Speaker, Which Is Better Between the Two

As Engineers, of course we meet with speakers to monitor, mix, master, or just listen to fun (listening to music). Speakers or speakers have different specifications. This article we will discuss the differences in 2 way and 3 way speakers.

2 Way Speaker

The speaker has 2 speaker systems namely tweeter and mid bass. Tweeter is useful for producing high frequency sound (3 kHz – 20 kHz). Then mid bass to produce sound with frequency below 3 kHz. What is lacking 2 way speakers is because the mid bass speaker is to produce middle and low frequencies (30-160 Hz) together.

2-way Speaker configuration, using two types of speakers, namely midbass and tweeter.

3 Way Speaker

Well, for the 3 way speaker. This type of speaker has an additional system that is useful for producing only mid range sound. Each system has its own task with a clearer division. Because the difference in the size of the speaker / woofer also affects the frequency produced. For the reasons above can be an advantage of 3 way speakers.

3-way Speaker configuration, there are additional speakers called midrange.

In dimensions, the smallest tweeter. Then the midrange with a much larger size, and the biggest midbass among the three

Frequency RangeWhat type of sounds
Very Lowunder 30HzBottom notes on a pipe organ, rumble of explosion – Subwoofer only
Low30Hz to 160HzBass Tuba, Bass Guitar – Woofer
Mid160Hz to 3kHzHuman voice, Trumpet, Sax – Woofer or Midrange
High3kHz to 20,kHzCymbals, Piccolo – Tweeter

Audio Crossovers

In addition to considering using 2 Way vs 3 Way Speaker that is not less important is the crossovers that function to divide the sound based on frequency, it is needed the name of the crossover.

This crossovers regulates the incoming sound signal, then shares it with the speaker. For 2 way speakers, the crossover divides the sound with high frequency to the tweeter, then the mid range and low sound is sent to the woofer (midbass). Well, for 3 way speakers, the distribution of sound is more organized because of a special system for the mid range.

After knowing the differences and advantages of 2 Way vs 3 Way Speaker, surely you have no difficulty in determining the best choice for your car.