Clean MAF Mass Air Flow Sensor

Clean MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) So That The Car Engine Is Not Rough

MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) If not cleaned will get dirty and make the car engine rough. Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF) has a function as a measure of the amount and density of air in an electronic injection system that enters the engine. That way the Electronic Computer Unit (ECU) or often referred to as the engine computer can regulate the amount of fuel. So that the fuel and air settings get the optimal ratio.

MAF Sensor performance in regulating the incoming air relies on electric power, so that the output produced can be directly sent to the ECU. When the car has been used for a long time, the part may experience dirtiness, it is caused by contamination by dirt which results in the reduced capability of the MAF Sensor.

If these conditions occur, the mixture is too thin so that the check engine indicator light will turn on. For the initial symptoms that can be felt is the engine stalled and the idle rotation feels rough and there is a sudden change in engine speed. However, if the MAF Sensor is not optimal or in a dirty condition it will not have a direct fatal impact, but if it is not immediately handled then it can be the cause of fuel consumption so it is more wasteful.

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Even if left unchecked, the result is that the engine can be damaged. Because the engine is forced to work with the ratio of fuel and air that is not right. In the long run it can damage the internal components of the engine.

How it Works Mass Air Flow Sensor

Why do you need to clean the air flow sensor? Indeed, what does this tool look like? Air flow sensor functions to provide output to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). The ECU will read and receive the signal sent by the MAF in the form of the amount of air that will enter the ECU.

If the Mass Air Flow Sensor is dirty, the effect will be felt is the engine faltered. In addition, the rotation at the engine idle will feel more rough and irregular. Dirty sensors are usually often overlooked by car owners. Even if left unchecked, will be fatal. One effect of a dirty MAF is that gasoline consumption will also become more wasteful.

How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor

Cleaning the mass air flow sensor at home is quite easy and does not require much time. The only tools needed are a screwdriver and a special cleaning fluid for the mass air flow sensor. Remember, the liquid is used specifically for air flow, yes.

How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor

How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor

The first step is to remove the clip in the intake channel. Open it using the screw lock screwdriver on this MAF clip. Let go slowly by pulling. Remember, do it carefully enough, so as not to damage the coating on the clip or rubber intake in the car. After being released, Carmudian can first check this MAF.

Look at the inside first, whether it’s dirty or not too dirty. After that, Carmudian can spray directly with liquid water flow cleaner. This liquid is specifically intended to clean air flow so that it is not dangerous. After spraying, leave it for a few minutes to dry. After drying, see the sensor is clean or dirty. If it’s still dirty, repeat this until the mass air flow sensor is completely clean.

The most important thing about cleaning this Mass air flow sensor is that it is not recommended to hold it by hand or wipe it with a cloth. If it is done it has the potential to damage the existing sensor in the air flow.

Because, there is a fairly fragile layer of wire. So to clean it only needs to be sprayed using a special liquid. If forced to clean, the wire and air flow can be damaged. The price of air flow itself for each car is different. The tag is quite expensive, so try not to damage it.

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Reinstall the Air Flow, After feeling clean, put the air flow back to its original place. Don’t forget to attach the clip and tighten the clip locking bolt so that the outside air isn’t sucked in much. Dirty air flow will certainly make the engine feel quite heavy. Cleaning the air flow is one of the tune ups that can be done alone at home easily. Carmudian water flow cleaning liquid can be bought at workshops or online stores. Clean MAF (Mass Air Flow Sensor) So that the Car Engine Is Not Rough, this can be done alone at home because to clean it does not require special skills.