Compounds Can Be Used to Clean Car Windshield From Dew When It Rains

Compounds Can Be Used to Clean Car Windshield From Dew When It Rains

Can you use car compound on glass ?, one of the popular questions on search engine content pages. Compounds Can Be Used to Clean Car Windshield From Dew. With a few steps that can be followed by a proven proven to remove moisture from the windshield when it is raining.

Driving during the rainy season sometimes makes it difficult for us to see the road, because rainwater interferes with our visibility when driving, of course you need to take some care to remove stains or dirt on the glass.

Well, one way is the use of wipers is certainly the right one to clean the water on our windshield, but often it still leaves dew and water spots on the windshield that can interfere with our journey when driving, because of the result of the former water point make visibility blurred or invisible on our windshield.

Tips for making your windshield hold water like taro leaves, let’s prepare the ingredients first. namely Rubbing compound, and a clean rag so you can make your car glass shiny and waterproof.

How to clean the windshield with compound

There are several ways you can do to clean the glass by using a compound, of course you can follow some of the methods below so you can get glass that is free from water deposits, dew that can interfere with vision when driving in heavy rain, what are you? see below for a number of ways presented by Dons Care Care.

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1. Clean the windshield by washing the car

First, you need to wash your car, especially on the glass, because dust and dirt certainly make it difficult for compounds to work effectively, therefore you need to wash your car so that it is easy to apply the use of these compounds.

2. Wipe the car’s windshield

The next thing you can do before using a compound is to clean your windshield using a wet cloth, to remove dust and dirt that has been lifted with the cloth. Because dust and dirt are still attached will interfere with the use of compounds if not cleaned first.

3. Apply Rubbing Compound

Next is you pour Rubbing Compound evenly on the windshield. Rubbing compound usually contains a waterproof wax. Flatten until all parts of the glass are exposed to the compound in order to get satisfactory results.

4. Lap Rubbing Compound

Finally, clean the rubbing compound using a soft, dry cloth with a slight pressure until the paste compound that was applied to the windshield disappears and no longer remains on your windshield. Done, now your windshield is like taro leaves that are waterproof or impermeable to water.

Well, the way is really easy right? The tools are also very simple and easy to get in supermarkets or shopping places like indomart or alfamart. Hopefully with some of the tips above will help you when the rainy season like now, of course, when the rainy season, you no longer have difficulty in vision when there is high rainfall, of course, the annoying dew on your car’s glass can be removed by following a few tips above.