Costs Needed To Change A Manual Car Transmission To An Automatic

Costs Needed To Change A Manual Car Transmission To An Automatic

There are times when someone wants to change the atmosphere by changing a Manual Car Transmission To An Automatic even though it costs a lot, all for the sake of satisfaction in the automotive world, then what is the estimated cost required to change a manual transmission to an automatic?.

Car modification can not only be done on the body, interior and other components, but can also be done in the transmission system configuration, which is changing the manual car transmission to automatic (automatic).

This type of modification is perfect for those of you who have already bought a car with a manual transmission, but over time you need a car with an automatic transmission.

Especially if you often drive through busy roads, of course a car with an automatic transmission will be much more practical than a car with a manual transmission.

Changing a manual car transmission to an automatic is not easy to do, therefore there are several things that need to be considered. First, it must be ensured that the default engine carries technology compatible with the new transmission.

This is because the latest transmission technology demands more advanced vehicles, which may not exist in manual cars.

Then, if the conditions above have been met, make sure the engine power and torque match the transmission specifications to be used. After that, the automatic gearbox must have a suitable space in the drive system of the car.

Finally, make sure the use of the transmission change lever can be used properly by the driver.

How much does it cost to change a Manual Car Transmission To An Automatic ?

The cost you need to spend to change a manual car transmission to automatic is around Rp. 10 million to Rp. 17 million, depending on the condition of the transmission car used. It could even be more, if there are special parts needed.

Then, the process can take one to two weeks, depending on the level of difficulty and the load of the workshop work.

There are various factors that make transmission modifications pegged at relatively high prices, such as gearboxes, gear shifts, pedal sets, electrical systems, changes to instrument clusters, crankcases, engine mountings, body control modules, processing costs, and so on.

The components above are still arguably a bit of a mechanical circuit overhaul of the transmission system. Not to mention the calculation of the level of precision and the potential for malfunction due to the use of inappropriate parts.

Although the costs are relatively high, modification of the transmission is considered relatively more economical than buying a new car.

Even so, making transmission modifications has the potential to make performance less responsive. For example, previously the 5-speed manual became 4-speed (AT).

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Car maintenance costs with automatic transmission

In addition, the maintenance costs after changing the manual car transmission to automatic will be slightly higher. The reason is, if a manual car needs about 3 liters of transmission oil, then automatic needs 8 to 10 liters of lubricant to drain the transmission oil.

Changing transmission oil is an important thing to do, because the car clutch has the potential to slip when shifting gears at a certain engine ratio if you rarely change the transmission oil.

In addition, not all types of cars can make this change. This is because there are also certain automatic cars whose transmission works in conjunction with the Anti Lock Braking System (ABS) module.

If the ABS system is not supported, automatic transmission is not recommended for modification. Basically, every modification has its advantages and disadvantages, and the transmission modification is no exception.

This is because the changes made are not installed according to the original automatic car manufacturer, so that the possible results are also not optimal.

If you had more funds, it would be better to replace the whole car. For example, selling an old car to a used car market, then the money from the sale is allocated for a down payment or entirely to buy an automatic transmission car.

Another solution, you can buy a used car with automatic transmission, so you don’t need to bother and bother changing the manual car transmission to automatic. See Also : Manual or Car Without Gear, Whichever is More Difficult To Treat