Is Now a Good Time To Buy a New Car

December One of The Best Times to Buy a New Car

The Best Times to Buy a New– Having a four-wheeled vehicle nowadays is already a major necessity especially for those who have high mobility, also for those who already have families and children who are still toddlers.

But sometimes, we have many reasons to replace our old car with a new car. Maybe when you buy a car you are still single and now have a family, of course you need a bigger car or you do want to replace the old car with the reason of technology only.

There is some precise time that can be used to buy certain items. Buying clothes we usually make use of certain moments in order to get a cheaper price for example midnight Sale, a discount on Lebaran or Christmas.

Buying a car too does not have to rush there should be some consideration. The right time is also one of the considerations for buying a car. When is the right time to buy a car?

One of the right times to buy a car is at the end of the year. Why? Usually the car seller or dealer spends the stock of unsold cars in that year.

Especially in the next year dealers get the latest stock cars. To stimulate the purchasing power of the public, dealers often provide attractive promo such as cashback, cheap installments, prize draws. Well you can make use of this moment to buy a car.

When is The Best Time To Buy Cars Besides December

Eid al-Fitr

Believe it or not time is not a myth to buy a used car. The price of used cars will drop drastically at the time after the holidays especially Lebaran or Idul Fitri because the priority of each person is different.

One’s desire to appear stylish is the reason to buy a new car. Automatic price of used cars will be dropped especially after Lebaran the price will skyrocket down. Usually after Lebaran people have not had enough money to buy a car.

Not that used car sales become lethargic. Many intelligent people take advantage of this moment to buy a used car.

Early years
No need to be discouraged when you can not buy a car during Lebaran. There is still another right time to buy a car, when? The answer is at the beginning of the year.

Each car manufacturer will launch its new car at the beginning of the year. Well here the manufacturer will onslaught promote its new product by providing various attractive promo. Here’s your chance to buy a new car at a much cheaper price.

Advance accumulated > 30%
When you are going to buy a car, you are required to pay a minimum down payment of 30%. That means you have to have money as much as 30% of your car’s selling price so that you can bring your dream car.

But it is better if you already have money above 30%. So when we have money above 30% we will be lighter and to pay off the car than we pay only 30%.

This strategy is very heavy in the beginning but if we can see the positive side we are cheaper to take it every month and we are faster to free from debt so we can realize our other financial objectives.

Remember, The Best Times to Buy a New Car as an asset whose value is expensive then you should take into account everything related to the purchase of a car. Starting from the funds to be prepared, monthly installments, advantages of cash purchases to benefits and facilities obtained later.