Driving a Car with a Leaking Transmission Fluid Will Stay Safe

Driving a Car with a Leaking Transmission Fluid Will Stay Safe

Can I Drive a Car Leaking Transmission Fluid?, This is a question many people find out when the transmission oil on their cars is leaking. Basically, all metal components rub against each other are given lubricant in the form of oil. Inside the engine there is engine oil, inside the gearbox there is transmission oil and inside the axle there is axle oil. So, this oil cannot be released from metal components that rub against each other.

What happens if the oil leaks? First the oil will be reduced, so that the oil volume in the gearbox becomes less. If the oil is lacking, the automatic gearbox lubrication process becomes less than optimal. So that of all the gears that rub against each other, there are some gears that don’t get lubrication so the effect is in the form of vibrations to the wear of the gears inside the gearbox.

But you do not worry first, the article is that manual transmission oil leakage is not as dangerous as engine oil leakage. But in the gearbox, each gear only interacts like interlocking gears. In other words there are no components that rub against each other significantly. So that even in minimal oil conditions, the gear box can still work normally. But, if the problem is left clear the gear in the transmission can experience wear that makes the car vibrate when it starts.

Driving a Car with a Leaking Transmission Fluid

So what effect does transmission oil leak on the car’s performance? Broadly speaking there is no effect at all except the oil in the transmission leaked drastically which caused the oil to run out / dry. The new impact of the vibration in the form of transmission to the most severe transmission shaft is stuck because the components in the gear box experience expansion. If the transmission oil leak leads to the front (gets the clutch), it will cause the clutch to slip. Because the clutch of the car is a wet clutch (dry), if exposed to oil it will cause the clutch to slip. So the car is difficult to run.

What are the characteristics of a leaky transmission oil?

Sometimes the car owner also does not realize that the transmission oil is leaking, the transmission oil suddenly runs out. Usually there will be oil drops on the floor when the car is parked. If you find oil droplets on the floor when a car is parked, you should not start the engine. Because the oil droplets can come from engine oil, brake fluid, power steering oil or transmission oil. To make sure which one is leaking, you can look around the transmission. Usually in the leaked area, there are seepage marks filled with wet dust.

If you find wet dust in the transmission area there could be a transmission oil leak there. The area around the transmission oil drain bolts and gearbox connecting joints are prone to leakage. If possible, you can pull the transmission oil deep stick to find out how much oil is in the transmission. But only a few cars are equipped with this stick, besides the transmission position that is under the car body is quite difficult for us.

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Then what about automatic transmission?

For automatic transmission, of course the story is different. The automatic transmission oil is not just a lubricant but also a hydraulic fluid. So automatic transmission is basically the same as a manual transmission that has some gear acceleration. However, the gearshift process has taken place automatically according to the RPM and speed of the car. And gearshift on automatic transmission is regulated by a hydraulic system that uses ATF (automatic transmission fluid).

So that even if a little less will cause problems with the transmission, the problems that arise are like the car jerking at a certain speed, the car is ddututan when deceleration until the car can not run even though the position of the transmission lever is already in D. So in conclusion, you should be vigilant if transmission oil leakage occurs especially if your car is automatic. Immediately add the transmission oil if the oil volume has drastically reduced enough, then immediately take it to the garage to repair the area that has leaks.

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