Easy Ways to Take Care of Car Rims to Keep it Sleek

Easy Ways to Take Care of Car Rims to Keep it Sleek

There are many Easy Ways to Take Care of Car Rims to Keep it Sleek so that your car always looks clean and luxurious. The rim becomes one of the components that get dirty the fastest. Relax, here’s an easy way to care for car rims to keep them sleek. Performing maintenance on the car will make it more durable and have a high selling price. Therefore, maintenance of each component must be carried out periodically, including the rims.

This component is the most modified by car owners. The reason is, by simply replacing the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) rims from the factory to the aftermarket brand, the exterior appearance of the car can be different.

However, the rim is one of the components that gets dirty quickly, considering its function which is integral to the tire and is close to the road surface.

Automatically, the rim will get dirty more quickly by dust, water splashes, asphalt, mud, and other dirt. If the dirt is not cleaned immediately, it will leave marks that are difficult to remove.

Easy Ways to Take Care of Car Rims to Keep it Sleek

Diligently Cleaning Car Rims

The most effective way to care for car rims is to be diligent in cleaning them after the car is used, even though they are not exposed to water but there must be road dust attached to the car rims. This dust will accumulate and create a scale when exposed to water.

Washing Car Rims

Wash the correct rims using a special liquid or car shampoo thoroughly, both outside and inside. So that there are no water stains or crusts, after washing the car rims, dry them immediately using a cloth. Do not use dish soap to wash the car as it is anti-inflammatory and corrosive which can damage the rim lining and make it dull.

Removing Asphalt Stains

Asphalt stains usually look like black, rough spots on the rim surface. To clean it, you can use a cleaning liquid that you can buy at car accessories stores or marketplaces. You do this by spraying the liquid on the part that is affected by the asphalt stain, wait for about 5 minutes if you feel the asphalt stain is starting to soften, you can wipe it with a dry cloth or soft brush, more details on how to clean the asphalt on your vehicle, you can listen to the following posts: How to remove and Clean Asphalt Stains

Polishing the Car Rims

There are still many who think that the fluid used to polish tires is the same and can be used to polish the rims. In fact, the content contained in it is different, polishing the rims is no different from other car components. You have to clean it, wipe it dry, then apply the polishing liquid to the rim surface thoroughly using foam or microfiber.

Choose the right tires

In addition to caring for car rims, you also have to choose the right tires to protect the rims.

One type of tire that has been chosen is Highway Terrain (HT). This type of tire is designed to run on asphalt roads so it is suitable for use in urban areas.

The tire surface is smoother than the All Terain (AT) and Mud Terrain (MT) types, making HT tires have a strong grip on the asphalt. See Also : Best Car Tire Polish Keeps Your Car Wheels Clean Every Day

By following the Easy Ways to Take Care of Car Rims to Keep it Sleek steps above, you can be sure that your car will look more luxurious