Causes and Characteristics of Injection Car EFI Fuel Injection Damage

Causes and Characteristics of EFI Fuel Injectors Damage

Fuel Injectors Damage Causes and Characteristics, The fuel injector is a very important component in the fuel Injectors system or EFI. His job is to spray / inject fuel into the combustion chamber precisely with the right composition in the order arranged by the system. Car engine fuel Injectors system has many advantages, especially in terms of the use of fuel that is more efficient (effective) and ultimately reduces pollution so that the car becomes more environmentally friendly. Due to the depletion of world oil reserves and increasingly global temperatures, automotive manufacturers, including cars and motorcycles, are now abandoning the old technology of carburetors. Maybe only a lawn mower or home generator that still uses conventional carburetor technology.

But on the other hand, this sophisticated motorbike fuel system is not without flaws. All components are very numerous and complicated, starting from the electronic ECU system to the injector, making it more vulnerable to damage. Even not damaged even the machine can not work, for example settings change / reset by certain consequences. Compare with a carburetor which is much simpler and primitive when compared to the EFI system, but rarely damaged except spuyers, needles, springs and buoys and even then very long.

Just a little damage to the ECU then the engine will not be able to start, it can’t even be repaired unless it’s just a matter of setting. In addition you have to buy a new one at a price that is almost commensurate with the price of a new motorcycle for a common type of car. Not to mention the price of the injector, if all four are damaged then the price you have to pay can be commensurate with the price of a new motorbike. But inevitably we have to follow it because technology has to develop and nature also increasingly needs human attention for human life itself.

What we are going to talk about this time is only about the injector, or more precisely, about the cause of the damage, signs and symptoms. Because if it is not immediately handled, damage to the injector is left high potential to damage all parts of the engine outside the system including the ECU in the system itself. Now if everything is damaged, then I’m sure you will be lazy to fix your car – that means spending the cost.

Causes and Characteristics of Injectors Car / EFI Fuel Injectors Damage

Before we discuss the symptoms, it’s good you know what are the common disorders of the injector so that you can minimize the early damage from the injector of your car; so you have enough savings when the injector mermang must be damaged in accordance with the age of use.

  • Blocked injector: gasoline problem cannot reach intake manifold. Usually this is caused by a buildup of rust which causes the injector to clog. This rust usually occurs by fuel lines such as fuel pipes.
  • Another thing besides rust is a blockage by dirt which also carried by gasoline. This can be caused by using poor quality and dirty gasoline. Besides that there is already a lot of dirt in the gas tank and settles, so that when the gasoline wants to run out / thin out then the dirt is also sucked up by the fuel pump and finally into the injector. If you have never done regular maintenance, often leave the tank empty, and / or rarely turn on for long periods of time, the fuel injector can become clogged more quickly.
  • Dirty Injector: The fast and repetitive action of the injector makes it very hot. In the end when the fuel additive is never sprayed on the intake manifold, this can leave residue on the injector which eventually burns and becomes crust. As a result the injector spray becomes weak and with an uneven pattern. Even the injector can be totally jammed, that is, it can’t open and close to spray fuel.

Signs And Symptoms Of Injectors Problems That Must Be Cautioned

  • Engine performance will be greatly affected if the injector does not work optimally, even the engine cannot live at all if all four or six of them have problems. But here are the symptoms of damage to the injector, but the engine can still be started.
  • Engine power that decreases suddenly is the most obvious sign of injector damage. If one of the injectors is totally blocked, then one cylinder does not have a work cycle so that the engine power decreases very dramatically and the car feels shaking violently.
  • If the fuel injector is blocked, the fuel supply will become irregular. And when the fuel intake fluctuates dramatically, it will cause the engine RPM can not be stable (up and down suddenly) and can not be gradually increased smoothly. The layman’s language is halting.
  • When the engine is idle, the engine becomes rough and rotates irregularly due to a disruption in fuel delivery that is not smooth.
  • Fuel efficiency is reduced, for example the engine becomes more wasteful or too economical, but reduced driving power and comfort is another sign of a damaged fuel injector.
  • Because the task of the Injectors is to make gasoline into fog, so when the injector cannot close, the gasoline released is still in the form of liquid that drips so it seeps into the engine. So this is a sign that you might smell strong gasoline.
  • If you feel uneven engine speed when idle / the engine is on but the car is not running, maybe the problem is your fuel injector is dirty.

But it is not always easy to recognize Injectors damage, because minor damage may only be detected by experienced mechanics with adequate equipment. But by being able to recognize the work of the injector and be able to recognize the damage, then you can help your car as early as possible from more severe damage.

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Tips For Causes and Characteristics of Injectors Car / EFI Fuel Injectors Damage

No matter how small the disturbance you feel, for example, feel the car engine or car performance decreases as usual, you need to be suspicious. Do not forget to take care of your car regularly for comfort and safety plus savings in repair costs.

  • For injector treatment, you can use injector cleaner spray additives that are sold in many accessories shops or car / motorcycle spare parts. This is useful to prevent the accumulation of residues that cause the injector to jam.
  • Use the type of fuel the manufacturer recommends.
  • Do not let the fuel tank empty. Immediately fill the tank when the needle / bar of the BBM indicator shows ¼ tank.
  • If you need to drain the tank at least once every 3 years to prevent siltation and clean the fuel filter.
  • Periodic service as stated in the vehicle owner’s manual.