Ford F-150 AT44

Ford F-150 AT44 The Best Solution For Driving in the Snowfield

Ford F-150 AT44 Review from Gnewscar today, Ford F-150 AT44 is perfect for driving in the snow, the power of jumbo is offered to users of this car. This truck uses special 44 inch diameter tires specifically made to explore snowy terrain.

Offroad modification to explore the snowy terrain is certainly very different both in concept and way. Arctic Truck, one of the modification houses in Iceland, has been famous for modifying one of them for expeditions exploring the North Pole.

This year, the Arctic Truck again presents a heavyweight modification with the Ford F150 Lariat as its base labeled as AT44. The most significant changes are visible on the tire with the use of 44-inch tires specifically designed for use on snow fields. Although using super-sized gambot tires, but not necessarily be tall.

As reported by, in order to continue to have an ideal weight distribution, the modifier must try to load the default pickup fender that has this aluminum body to adjust to the new tire size of the Alokian Hakkapeliita alert. So even though using a giant sized tire, this pickup still has a height that is close to proportional.

The addition of an extra large overfender also has a goal so that snow splashes do not directly spray toward the back.

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While the engine is not very clearly mentioned, but it is allegedly using a 3.0 liter V6 Diesel Power Stroke engine with vomit power of 250 hp and 597 Nm of torque. As for the transmission relying on automatic 10-speed gearbox, the results of joint development with Ford and General Motor

Ford F-150 AT44

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