Function of Diesel Fuel Additives Actually For Car Engines

Function of Diesel Fuel Additives Actually For Car Engines

Function of Diesel Fuel Additives, Modern diesel-engined cars have adopted common-rail technology, common-rail diesel engines require good quality diesel fuel. Because the common-rail diesel engine works in principle using very high fuel tugging, and perfect ignition, for that the quality of the fuel is needed for maximum injector performance.

In the market, many after-market products that offer additives, various functions, there are as increasing the number of cetane (cetane booster), and as an injector cleaner.

Of course, car manufacturers do not recommend after-market products of diesel fuel additives circulating on the market apart from official workshops.

But there are also those who argue that the fuel additive to increase the number of cetane (cetane booster) has side effects on the engine that becomes over heating. But there are the best diesel fuel additives that are manufactured and recommended by car manufacturers.

The Additive brand of the AcDelco brand is an American brand produced by General Motor (GM), Chevrolet’s official workshop also recommends this ACDelco additive for diesel-engined cars.

This diesel fuel additive is not to increase the cetane number, but rather as an injector cleaner from fuel deposits, and helps restore engine performance lost due to dirty injectors.

Be Careful Use of Diesel Fuel Additives

The use of additives in diesel fuel, claimed to be able to improve the quality of low quality diesel fuel.

This additive, commonly called Cetane Booster or Cetane Improver, is used by mixing it in a fuel tank.

However, you should be vigilant in using this diesel fuel additive.

The first reason is because actually there is already a cetane booster in the fuel sold.

The second reason is because there is a cetane booster that contains metals. The metal content in this cetane booster does not burn completely.

Function of Diesel Fuel Additives

The wide variety of fuel additive liquids available in the Indonesian automotive market today, from the functions of raising octane numbers, preventing corrosion, maintaining and cleaning injector systems, reducing emissions, and even saving fuel. Low octane fuel and not in accordance with engine specifications sometimes have a negative impact on the engine, so many vehicle owners add fuel additive liquid to the tank of their car.

The variety of additives available in the market, requires vehicle owners to be more prudent in choosing additives that fit the needs of the vehicle, do not interfere with the function of vital components such as catalytic converters and oxygen sensors.