How can I make my tires black again. Make your own tire polish at home

How can I make my tires black again?. Make your own tire polish at home

How can I make my tires black again?, – certainly not a difficult problem to return the tire back black as new, because a lot of tire polish is sold in the market ranging from cheap to expensive. in addition to returning the tire to black can also be done by making your own tire polish, and we will discuss it in this article how to make your own tire polish at home.

How can I make my tires black again?

How to Make your own tire polish at home

Making Liquid Tire Polish or Tire Polish is intended for tire waxing, the application of which is used with a brush. Although in principle the same thing, making tire waxing in the form of spray will be a more complicated process, especially for packaging and spraying systems.

And more for commercial use. Because this sector is the largest tire polish consumer. Moreover, if commercial users (vehicle washers) can polish tires with liquid tire polish, they will definitely be able to save a lot of money. Because the price of liquid tire paint is indeed quite expensive.

Because the main purpose of shining a tire is to provide a luster effect, the material used in the formulation must also be able to provide this effect. Simply stated, the mechanism of action is as follows: the waxing material will give a thin layer to the tire surface. And this material besides being able to give a gloss effect, also must be easily lost, especially because of water.

Therefore, in polish, there is usually always a “wax” material. Bright enough and does not dissolve easily in water. In the form of solid polish as in waxing, usually used a kind of beeswax, Carnauba wax and others. Depends on the final quality desired.

Material for Making Your Own Tire Polish

how to make tire polish with natural ingredients Wax groups are not used in polishing tires as a solid form. Although the principle is “possible” but it requires a longer process if you use this type of candle. For the manufacture of tire polishing fluids can be used in the form of silicone oil and / or paraffin liquid.

When applied (to tires and / or other materials), the two liquid ingredients will form a thin layer on the surface of the material. Gives a sparkling effect, and these two ingredients do not dissolve easily in water.

For the “superior” quality of tire polish, you can only use silicone oil. But the price of this material is quite high. While the application is often mixed / diluted with water. And this method seems to have been used by many car wash managers.

However, due to the presence of water in the dilution, the sparkle of the tire will disappear quickly. Because water will easily evaporate. And it evaporates, it will also carry dissolved silicone oil.

A more optimal way to make liquid tire polish is to combine silicone oil with liquid paraffin. Because the price of turpentine is relatively cheap – about 1/6 of the price of liquid silicone – will reduce the price of high silicone oil.

Even for the most economical purposes, only liquid paraffin can be used. Because liquid paraffin can have an effect similar to liquid silicone. Although the quality is much lower than Liquid Silicone.
For example, one of the tire paint formulations that can be used is:

Liquid silicone (oil) = 30%
Liquid paraffin = 70%

Gel-shaped silicon polish
Silicon polish in the form of emulsion liquid (can be diluted)
Polish polish in the form of foam or foam

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How to Make Your Own Tire Polish

First, mix the silicone emulsion with silicone oil, you can use a mixer.

After mixing evenly, place it in water gradually while stirring until the polish liquid is ready to be packaged and marketed or used alone.

So where do we buy the raw material above ?, You can find it at the nearest chemical plant in your city, which of course is very affordable.

Tire Polish One element of vehicle maintenance, especially cars that we often care for, is tire polish. In addition to providing a cool car image, spraying is also an activity that is included in one of the special treatments that will provide many benefits for the owner. car

Tire Polish On the market today there are two types of tire polish, namely tire polish in silicone and non-silicon. In this edition, we will discuss silicon-based polishing and tips for making it at home. So that’s the article for making silicone for your car or motorcycle tires. Hope it is useful and don’t forget to share it.