How to Wash Your Car Correctly, Outside, Inside and Machine Parts

How to Wash Your Car Correctly, Outside, Inside and Machine Parts

How to Wash Your Car Correctly, Gnewscar – Car washing is not only done on the outside of the vehicle, but the inside and the engine parts of the car must also be washed. Some people can only wash the outside of the car and leave the inside of the car dirty especially the engine is rarely washed.

It could be because it’s too busy so people don’t have time to wash their own car at home, but there is also someone who really doesn’t understand how to wash the car properly so that their last choice is to wash the car in the garage. Here are some car wash tips that you can practice yourself without spending a fee to wash your car.

During this time there are often errors in washing the car. For example how to wash a car engine by spraying or in steam it is very dangerous for the car. If the washing method is like that, then the car engine will be shorted. Very dangerous if the wrong washing causes damage to the machine.

How to Wash Your Car Correctly

There are 4 steps that must be followed to wash the car properly. Namely car wash the outside, the inside, the engine, and tires. If the whole process can be done correctly then surely your car is more confident to fly on the streets. The car is an object made of several materials, namely plastic, rubber, and iron. The most components include using paint. As we know paint is a very sensitive chemical.

To find out how to properly wash a car is actually very easy but prone to being ignored until something goes wrong. Mistakes in cleaning the car a little can damage the car or the washing becomes not what we expect.

How to Wash the Car Outside

  • Make sure you spray water from the hose for 15 seconds first, to remove any residual chlorine and chemicals that have the potential to damage the paint.
  • First close the car windows and doors tightly Then we start the steps on how to wash the car properly by spraying water from the hose to the car body to clean the dust and sand attached to the car body. Spraying is important, because if we rub the body of the car directly, the dust and sand can scratch the paint.
  • Buy a special cleaner for cars, do not use careless detergent because it can damage your car paint. Detergent and wax can also be used to wash cars. Wax will make the car paint more shine.
  • Then use a clean sponge to wash the car. Washing the car with a sponge begins with the roof.
  • You should avoid washing your car when the sun directly shines on the car. Because water droplets will be the lens for the sun to focus light on paint.
  • Wash thoroughly, do not leave soap left on paint until dry. Because the chemicals contained in soap can damage the car paint.
  • Then wipe the car using a special cloth that is clean and not hairy. Make sure there is no oil or sand attached to the cloth as this will potentially damage the paint.

How to Wash the Car Inside

For how to properly wash the interior of the car, you do not need enough water, just a little soapy water to rinse the interior of the car using a sponge / cloth. Dirty car interiors are usually caused by stains left by the palms, shoes, food, and drinks.

Do not use bleach detergent to clean the car inside. Leave the car door open to expedite the evaporation process that occurs. For maximum results it is very important to use the Best Car Wash Soap

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How to wash Car Engine Parts

We enter the most sensitive part of the car, the engine. How to wash the car properly for this engine part is needed the right way and be careful. Inside there are machine parts that are machines that must not be exposed to water such as the parts of the cable, cables, and sensors.

How to wash Car Engine Parts

How to wash Car Engine Parts

Make sure you clean the engine with a flow that is not too hard because the spark plug if exposed to water will cause the engine can not be turned on or jammed. To get rid of grease or oil attached to the machine, you can use washing soap or kerosene.

How to Wash Car Tires

Tires are very easy to get hit by dirt, because tires are car components that directly touch the surface of the ground. Dirt is very easy to attach to the tire.

To clean the tire rim use the appropriate soap. Rim that has a color needs to be washed with appropriate soap, while for rim using metal ordinary soap.

If there are stains that are difficult to clean, use a brush that is fibrous. After the tires are washed and dried, don’t forget to give the Best Car Tire Polish for your vechile.

Those are some How to Wash Your Car Correctly. If you really pay attention to the tips above in washing your car, it is hoped that your car will be clean without stains and your car’s components such as paints and engines will be preserved. That’s what Semisena can share for how to properly wash this car. It is hoped that these car wash tips can be useful for you.