How To Work Prime Pump On Diesel Engine And Its Functions

How To Work Prime Pump On Diesel Engine And Its Functions

Learn what a Prime Pump On Diesel Engine car, what it functions and how it works. A car has many components in it, one of which is the Prime Pump on a diesel engine. The prime pump is also called the fuel supply pump or feed pump. Which these components make up the fuel system for cars using diesel engines.

There is a reason why this component is called priming, namely because of its function as a fuel provider and then forwarded to the injection pump section (injection pump). The components that we discuss this time have 2 types that are tailored to the type of injection pump, namely the in-line type and the distributor.

Prime Pump On Diesel Engine Component 

The first discussion is related to its function, whose job is to take the captured fuel and distribute it to the injection pump section. However, prior to distribution, the fuel is filtered through a diesel filter.

The location of the Prime Pump is on the injection pump which for its work is assisted by the power generated by the camshaft (camshaft). Not only can it take fuel, but these components can also remove unnecessary air in the fuel system.

When there is a problem with the injection pump, it is necessary. However, if the function of the Prime Pump is interrupted, it can be the cause of the car to suddenly die. Even though it looks similar, the Prime Pump component in a diesel engine is irreplaceable. The reason is that the injection pump component cannot fill the fuel chamber properly when the car is being driven at high speed.

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Prime Pump components

So Prime Pump has several special components that make it up so that it can perform optimally. What are the components?

Prime Pump components

1. Prime Pump Piston

The first component that makes up the Prime Pump is the piston or piston. By relying on this component, it can suck up the fuel in the tank. The function of the piston itself is to provide air pressure in the storage tank so that it enters a vacuum and then the fuel can be sucked in.

2. Check valve

The function of this component is as a tool to prevent pressure from the opposite direction that can risk creating backflow or blackflow.

3. Solar Filters

The function of the diesel filter is to filter fuel before distributing it to the injection pump. So the incoming fuel is in clean condition. See Also : Reason, Why Diesel Engine Cars Should Change Oil Frequently?

How The Prime Pump Works On Diesel Engines

Enter the discussion of how it works, the mechanism is still conventional and requires human labor. So Prime Pump can perform its performance when pressure is applied to the pump handle and Prime Pump responds. When the pump handle is pressed, there will be a decrease in the diaphragm of the fuel system.

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Then the fuel can flow because the check valve outlet is open. But on the other hand, the flow of electricity is prevented by closing the inlet valve. Likewise, when the pump handle is released, the diaphragm will move and return to its place so that the condition becomes vacuum. At the outlet, the check valve also closes again and the inlet valve opens and the fuel injection pump room will enter.

By looking at some of the explanations above, it is stated that the Prime Pump function on a diesel engine is very vital. If there are no these components, the fuel will not fill the injection pump room when the car is driving at high speed.

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