How to Detect a Used Car Accident

Know How to Detect a Used Car Accident, from Body to Machine Before Purchasing

How to Detect a Used Car Accident, Buying a used car requires extra carefulness in checking, besides you have to check the condition of the engine, body and the car’s documents, you also have to be smart and know that the car has had an accident or not.

However, when hunting for a used car, the buyer’s care is needed to ensure that the car is in good condition. This is important to avoid problems such as damage that can occur at a later date.

One of the checks that must be done is whether it was a used car accident or not. There is a special way to detect the characteristics of a used car accident.

How to Detect a Used Car Accident, from Body to Machine Before Purchasing

Used car accidents usually leave a ‘trail’ at certain points. This mark can never be lost.

If the car has been flooded, it will definitely leave a rust trail at a certain angle. Meanwhile, for a used car accident or hit, there are certain angles that look like knock marks.

There are several points that need to be looked at to assess whether the car was an accident or not, namely the front side, side and rear side.

If the accident is on the front side, prospective buyers can detect it from the engine room. You do this by opening the hood.

Then, pay attention to the bones or frame of the car in the engine room, whether everything is still factory default, there are no traces of putty, welding, or knocking. After that, also pay attention to the bolts, make sure that they are still original and have not been opened.

Then, to detect on the side, you can see whether there are traces of repair on the car pillars or not.

You need to make sure there are traces of repair or putty, and make sure the door is still precise when opened and closed and is still original.

Another point that is made to detect a used car accident is on the back side. The easiest way to check this is to look at the trunk space.

Pay attention to whether there is a trace of repair in the trunk room. If there is repair, it means that there has been a collision large enough to hit the trunk space.

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Perform a test drive

Apart from examining the physical, another way to detect whether the car was an accident or not can be done by means of a test drive.

You can immediately find out how the car is in condition when it is used. Because, used cars accidents are usually unstable when driving.

However, prospective ordinary buyers will likely find it difficult to detect these characteristics. Especially if the car has been repaired.

When doing a test drive, make sure the engine sound is normal and doesn’t make any abnormal sounds.

More details, here are the things that need to be considered when doing a test drive:

  • Check the function of the legs by crossing uneven roads
  • Pay attention to whether the brakes work normally or not
  • Turn the steering wheel left and right, make sure there are no sounds, heavy, or unpleasant dings
  • Release the wheel occasionally whether leaning left or right to find out the performance of the steering wheel
  • Make sure the transmission shift is not heavy, late or not powerful

For beginners, especially those who don’t really know about car engines, of course they will not be able to know the condition of the car, whether this is a used accident or not, for security reasons before you buy a used car it would be very good if you invite someone who you think understands the condition of a used car, starting from the engine up to the body so that later you will not be disappointed with the vehicle you bought.

How to Detect a Used Car Accident, from Body to Machine Before Purchasing ?, This is not an easy job, you have to choose a friend who is really an expert if there is no colleague you feel you can afford you can pay a technician to check, all for your own convenience at a later date