Main Components and How ABS Brake Works on Cars

Main Components and How ABS Brake Works on Cars

How ABS Brake Works on Cars, Gnewscar – Get to know what are the main components used in the ABS system and how it works. Many world-renowned car companies that until now continue to innovate in every production activity of new cars that will be produced. Factors of the development of times and increasingly modern technology also contribute to creating the advantages that are presented so as to make a new output car has advantages that are different from other types of cars.

One of them is the presence of ABS brakes (Anti-lock braking System). This system is a safety feature on vehicles to maintain tire traction against the road when the driver is braking, prevent the wheels of the vehicle from being locked, and avoid the speed of the vehicle that is out of control. ABS brakes are very helpful when braking suddenly, at high speeds or when it rains which makes the road slippery.

Of course, it will be difficult to make sudden braking in these conditions so that the wheels become locked and the car is difficult to control. Anti-lock braking system is what will help in sudden braking, and help in controlling the car if you brake suddenly.

Every driver on the highway, will definitely avoid sudden braking, but the circumstances sometimes force the driver to make sudden braking. If your car is not equipped with an ABS system, the wheel hub will be locked. This resulted in the car still sliding and difficult to control.

In theory, this system avoids locking the four wheel, with the wheels unlocked, the car is more easily controlled. In addition, all parts of the car tire will do braking, which can avoid hot tires. All this will make the braking distance shorter and you still get the tire grip.

Main Components ABS Brake

Then how do ABS brakes work? The anti-lock braking system has four main components that are interrelated, one another. These four components have different functions, the components include:

Speed ​​Sensor

The speed sensor on ABS braking is useful for reading the rotation speed of a car’s wheels while driving.

Braking Valve

In the brake fluid path there is a braking valve, and this valve is controlled by an ABS controller. There are at least 3 Brake valves in ABS. First valve: A valve that is not closed, or in full open condition, can continue the brake fluid without obstacles to the brake directly. Second valve: It can be said that the second valve is the opposite of the first valve.

Here, the valve will obstruct the process of brake fluid transfer. Thus, even if the driver presses the brakes of the car, the pressure will not be passed on to the brakes by the ABS system. Third valve: Almost similar to the second valve, the third valve will block some of the brake fluid when it is applied to the brakes, so that the applied pressure decreases to half even if the driver presses full brake.

ABS Brake Pump

In this brake also has a pump that serves to return the pressure on the braking path that is released by the valve to the brake.


In this section, the controller plays an important role as a valve controller and also to process data from the speed sensors that are in all parts of the vehicle wheels.

How to Work ABS Car Brakes

The speed sensor will read the speed of the car at any time, and deliver the speed data to the controller. For cars to stop normally at speeds of 100 kilometers per hour, it will take 5 seconds. Of course when you do normal braking, there will be no locking of the vehicle wheels. Another story if you do sudden braking, the wheels will be locked. The time needed for the wheel to lock is approximately 1 second.

Because the controller has been programmed, to be able to stop the vehicle to its full potential, locking of the wheels when braking should not occur. Before the wheels are locked, the controller will get data from the speed sensor and will order the valve to block the pressure, by taking a valve position two or valve position 3, according to the command from the controller.

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After the wheel rotation is detected by the speed sensor, the controller will order the valve to take position one, which makes the brake fluid pressure return and is passed on to the brake. Main Components and How ABS Brake Works on Cars, the average ABS system in cars now, capable of doing 15 times the process in 1 second.

Thus the basic way of working ABS brakes, of course, every car has a different system and component, according to the ability and performance of the car and the selling price of the car.