Manual or Car Without Gear, Whichever is More Difficult To Treat

Manual or Car Without Gear, Whichever is More Difficult To Treat

Manual or Car Without– The use of automatic transmission cars are now growing. Because, with heavy traffic conditions such as in big cities, these types of vehicles are considered the most comfortable compared to manual transmissions, because they do not have to operate the clutch, aka just gas and brakes.

However, of the two vehicles, both manual and automatic transmissions, which is more complicated in terms of maintenance. Next, the difference in maintenance of the two types of cars.

Car Without Gear Automatic Transmission:

Car Without Gear, 12 Important Rules To Remember

1. Change the transmission oil

Transmission oil change is very important, to be able to lubricate with maximum gear. At least, do a replacement of about 25,000-50,000 km. Use the transmission oil that is already recommended by the car manufacturer.

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2. Valve Check

This section needs to be checked regularly as well, because when the lever displacement is too hard or because of the gas beat, the problem will arise in this section.

3. diligently heating the car

Heating the car before traveling or before use is crucial. But don’t forget, the position of the transmission lever must be ‘ N ‘ or neutral. However, if it is often forgotten to heat the car then it is not impossible to happen a problem.

4. Move to the N position when stopping

When stopping at a red light or getting stuck long enough, it is worth the position of the transmission lever at a neutral (N) position. Conversely, if the transmission lever position in the Drive position (D) It triggers the car’s clutch canvas continues to rub.

Do not move the transmission lever to the Parking (P) position when the light is red or stopped briefly, therefore it only takes up a lot of friction when heading for the D position.

5. Move the transmission lever properly

Although trivial, but this way it is very potent to treat the Matic transmission, namely placing the transmission lever in the position of ‘ D ‘ or ‘ R ‘ and then try to remove the car brake. If you hear a strange sound when you move the transmission, then it’s a sign of a problem.

Car Without Gear, 12 Important Rules To Remember

If the car will begin to move, the Stretesy do not immediately step on the gas pedal in, because it potentially interferes with the quality of solenoid valve. Instead do it slowly to produce pressure from the oil to the torque converter.

Cars With Manual Transmission

Cars With Manual Transmission

1. Diligently set koping

Set the coupling of the efficacious way to make manual transmissions stay durable. It is worth the distance the clutch pedal is not too high because it will cause gear shifting to become rough.

Conversely if it is too low, make it easy to beat. Therefore, adjust the clutch pedal with the need to keep it comfortable when driving.

2. Original Spare parts

Because manual transmission maintenance is cheaper, it is worth it to be supported by the use of genuine parts, so that transmission transfer becomes smooth. Conversely, if the spare parts are non-genuine, the gear shifting is less subtle and the sound is coarse.

3. Avoid feet sticking on the clutch pedal

One quick-thirst coupling is due to the left foot sticking to the clutch pedal. This habit will cause friction between the clutch and transmission and accelerate the life of the components on the machine.

4. Use of the right transmission lever

One wrong habit is to enter the gear lever at the time of parking. It is in fact unsafe and can damage the transmission component.

In addition, if the battery soak and the car crashes, do not get used to pushing it, but use a jumper cable to turn on. Because, the habit of animating the machine by being pushed can damage the transmission component.