Pretensioner And Force Limiter Seat Belts

Many Don’t Know The Difference Between Pretensioner And Force Limiter Seat Belts

Difference Between Pretensioner And Force Limiter Seat Belts, A seat belt or seat belt is one of the features that must be used by both drivers and passengers to maintain safety and driving safety.

Based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 15 thousand car users each year survive traffic accidents because they use seat belts.

Therefore, wearing a seat belt is not only a form of traffic compliance, it also plays a role in protecting and protecting the body from shocks and injuries when a dangerous thing occurs such as sudden brakes or accidents.

Seat belts generally have two types of technology, namely pretensioner and force limiter.

Difference Between Pretensioner And Force Limiter Seat Belts

Reporting from, the pretensioner serves to ensure that the belt used is able to hold the driver and passenger body.

The pretensioner has the same sensor work system as the airbag, so that when the airbag expands due to a hard impact, the seat belt also tightens at the same time.

When the belt tightens, the body position will be maintained and remain on the bench. Later, the tightened seat belt will loosen again after a few seconds after the incident.

Force limiter technology

As for the force limiter technology, it functions as a belt strength limiter in controlling the body load of the driver and passenger.

In other words, the force limiter works after the pretensioner works. The force limiter will stretch the seat belt tightness when the pretensioner has worked, so that the chest is not too tight and safety is maintained.

This technology is applied to minimize impact to the chest which is vital in the human body.

For example, if there is a frontal accident, before the airbag expands, the pretensioner will pull the seat belt about 15 cm, after which the force limiter will simultaneously advance the seat belt 20 cm and inflate the airbag.

Which Is Safer

Of course, the seat belt work system with the pretensioner feature is safer to protect passengers and drivers from harsh impacts, due to the maximum pressure from the belt.

This is because the force limiter only functions as a limit on the strength of the seat belt in controlling the body load of the driver and passenger.

Therefore, if the pretensioner and force limiter are combined, the seat belt work will be more effective.

Make sure the seat belt is working properly

Before driving, don’t forget to make sure your seat belt is in good shape. The first thing you should check is the physique of the seat belt.

Look for signs of damage to the belt head or belt fabric such as cuts or twists.

Then, do a small test by pulling the seat belt quickly. If after pulling the belt it remains stuck, then the seat belt is still functioning properly.

However, if it is not restrained, it is possible that the vehicle has had an accident. Especially for cars with the seat belt pretensioner feature, where the belt hold function is used to hold the body during an impact and it must be replaced after an accident.

Difference Between Pretensioner And Force Limiter Seat Belts Apart from being done manually, checking seat belts can also be done with an OBD scanner. The sensors on the car will tell you that the seat belt is damaged and needs replacement.

If you find damage to the seat belt, you should immediately do a repair to the repair shop and avoid traveling with a damaged seat belt.