Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, Price, Function, When To Use

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, Price, Function, When To Use

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner, gNewscar – Some people do not recommend cleaning the MAF sensor or airflow sensor, but that is the wrong idea, if the Mass Air Flow Sensor is dirty, it can make the engine rough. No different from other components, this sensor must also be cleaned so that the car is better maintained. Note that you clean it using an appropriate liquid, as long as you don’t clean it using a liquid that is not recommended.

Don’t think of using mass air flow sensor cleaner alternative to clean MAF generally you might think of using a carburator cleaner instead this will damage its function. To clean the MAF sensor you can use an electronic cleaning fluid that is softer to the components, while the carburator cleaner is tougher and is intended more for dirty engine parts due to oil residue.

Price of a Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

Qualitatively maintaining the cleanliness of the MAF sensor can extend the life of the sensor itself and also its performance. The MAF price of many CRC output sensors circulating in the market you can find it in an online store easily and the price is not comparable with its function. To completely clean your MAF you only need 5 sprays, you can use the rest later if you feel it is koto.

Where to Buy a Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

As we have said above, the Mass Air Flow Cleaner that is widely circulating in the market is CRC, it is easier for you to buy it in an online store like Amazon, it is usually a little difficult if you buy it directly at a garage or car parts shop.

When You Need a Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner

Unlike periodic car maintenance, there is no limit on mileage to clean the Mass Air Flow Sensor, in general it is limited to a qualitative assessment when perceived abnormal symptoms of idle, then action can be taken to clean with an MAF sensor cleaner.

Even so there are still some car technicians who advise to clean MAF after a distance of 20,000km or about 6 months if the vehicle is used every day and once a year if it is rarely driven.

MAF Cleaner Can Fix Idle

Basically, the MAF sensor cleaner has the role of cleaning the two components of the air sensor so that it can be sensitive to read the air flow through it. If the MAF component is damaged, then using the MAF sensor cleaner has no effect.

There are clear expectations, so there is no guarantee that a damaged MAF sensor will return to good just by spraying the cleaner. So if the MAF sensor is damaged, you must immediately find a replacement. The idle problem is not only affected by the MAF sensor, because the MAF function is to set AFR to be richer or leaner. However, MAF sensors should be cleaned to get better performance.

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How to Determine the Damaged Mass Air Flow Sensor

As long as your car can still drive it means that the MAF is still functioning properly, damage to the Mass Air Flow Sensor will make the car unable to start. To diagnose MAF damage you can remove the MAF socket and then try to start the car engine, if the engine is still healthy and the IACV-AAC condition is also healthy, the engine can be started even though it can only operate in the range of idle RPMs up to RPM 2500, when the engine starts plugging in the socket MAF pay attention to what happens when the engine dies immediately, it is a sign that the MAF is damaged and must be replaced.

Generally, motorized vehicles, if there are spark plugs and gasoline vapors that burst, the engine will start. But for cars with injection engines there is one more factor, namely the condition of the sensor including the MAF sensor. If MAF damage occurs, the ECU will look as if no air has entered the combustion chamber and this will be responded to by not ordering the injector to fire on gasoline. As a result the engine will not be able to start even if you check the fuel filter still spraying.

Can You Drive With a Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor?

MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor is one of the components that need to be considered in your car. A bad mass air flow sensor can cause serious damage to your vehicle engine and therefore you should be fully aware of the signs and symptoms of a bad mass air flow sensor to avoid expensive repair costs that might result from not repairing or resolving your car’s MAF sensor problem quite early from when it got bad.

Reading the above article description is expected to answer all the questions that are on your mind because it contains everything you need to know about MAF sensors, symptoms, repairs / repairs, replacements, costs, and direct responses to common frequencies you might have about sensor symptoms bad mass air flow.