Meanings of Letters and Numbers On Auto Transmission Cars

Meanings of Letters and Numbers On Auto Transmission Cars

Meanings of Letters and Numbers On Auto Transmission CarsgNewscar– Getting to know the code in the automatic transmission lever-the more people living and living in the urban areas want to enjoy whatever is practical, and one of them is about driving a car they prefer to drive a car using automatic transmission rather than manual.

Especially if the city is a city that is often jammed, using auto-transmission will certainly not make the left leg you feel pain or sore compared to driving by using a manual car.

Well for those of you who might just be the first time using auto transmission cars, would be a little awkward because the shape of the transmission lever is different, even the automatic transmission of this car pedal is not there.

In order not to happen anything unwanted wherever you drive later, it would be good to know the meaning of the numeric code or letters in the automatic transmission lever below and expected you later to be more understanding of its mechanisms.

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Meanings of Letters and Numbers On Auto Transmission Cars

In general, the arrangement of car auto transmission includes P-R-N-D-L, P-R-N-D-2-L, or P-R-N-D-3-2-L as shown by the above image, where each explanation is as follows:

P (Parking)

This P code is located at the very end of the car’s front which means Parking or parking. When you want to turn on the car engine or when you park the car, the transmission lever must be transferred to this position. When the lever at the P position is automatically the transmission will be locked or TER lock so that the vehicle cannot be pushed/moved. For vehicles that are parked at a sloped location do not forget to be strengthened by pulling the hand brake lever.

R (Reverse)

The meaning of the R code on the automatic transmission is Reverse or back alias, the lever in R position is only used when you want to rewind the car. When moving the lever from position P to R, as well as from position D to R, make sure you valve the brake pedal, after moving the lever to the R position please remove the brake pedal slowly the land (can be plus gas) adjusted to the desired speed when the vehicle is postdated.

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D (Drive)

The meaning of the D code on the automatic transmission of the car is the drive, this drive mode is used when you will run the car under normal conditions with less extreme road terrain conditions. Simply position the lever in this D position and please play the accelerator/brake pedal to adjust the vehicle’s speed.

N (Neutral)
The meaning of the code N on this automatic transmission is neutral which means that the engine rotation is not connected to a free a.k.a. car transmission. This neutral position is used when your car gets stuck or stops briefly but you are still in the car. Make sure you also pull the brake lever for safer.

2 (second)

The transmission lever in position 2 is enabled when you want to overtake another vehicle in front of where the car needs greater power and torque. In addition to overtaking other vehicles, the lever position in number 2 is used when the vehicle is driving in a mountainous area where the roads are hilly, the slope or the descent is not too extreme. When the transmission lever is positioned in this position, the transmission ECU will regulate the pully motion pattern as if it were like a manual car, such as when you use the number 2 gear gears.

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L (Low)

This L or low position must be used when the car crosses the road field in the form of climb or steep/extreme descent where the Lever 2 (second) is not able to run the road terrain. In this position the ECU will set the rotation of the pully motion pattern at the lowest position, as if it were in the case of a manual car as if you were using the lowest gear number 1.

S (Sport)

In some luxury cars sometimes the transmission lever is only a rotary button/KNOP equipped with the letter code “S ” which means SPORT mode. When you want to speeding very suitable positioning the transmission lever in this S mode

Other Notes

Usually on the transmission lever there is a button that must be pressed when the lever is operated when it operates the transmission lever.

In certain vehicles there is an O/D button that can be operated when the car is speeding on a freeway which aims to achieve magnitude of power with the lowest low fuel consumption. This O/D button is usually present in the section of the transmission lever.

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