Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Feels Like Being in a Luxury Room

Mercedes officially launched the latest generation Mercedes-Maybach S-Class. This car that is the mainstay of the rich comes with lots of sophisticated and luxurious features. This German-made vehicle offers many new things that can pamper passengers.

The outer appearance has not changed much, on the front it still carries the Maybach grille and the addition of the logo on the C pillar. However, the dimensions of this car are longer than the previous version. The Maybach edition of the S-Class is 5.46 meters in length, so that the leg room for passengers is very relieved.

There are 10 colors to choose from, and each one takes a week to paint. Buyers are also provided with a choice of rim sizes, ranging from 19-21 inches. Entering the cabin, you will immediately see the feel of a luxurious home. The distance between the rear and front seats is very far, so that passengers can stretch out.

The chair tilt angle can be adjusted up to 43.5 degrees to relax. When there is no passenger sitting in front, the driver’s seat is automatically pushed forward to give more space. Consumers can order the Rolls-Royce-style electronic door opener feature, so there is no need to touch the lever that is designed to flush with the body when it is not needed.

If you need privacy or feel the sun is too hot, just wave your hand near the door and the glass guard will appear automatically. One unique thing that is installed by Mercedes, namely the seat belt sensor. When the passenger is seated, there is a small device that will push the seat belt towards him, so he doesn’t have to move much to reach the safety device.

The Burmester sound system does not only sing your favorite songs in 4 dimensions, but also produces a special tone that can ward off outside noises. It is not stated how much the official price of this car is, but the Maybach S560 version in Indonesia is currently being offered Rp. 6 billion excluding taxes.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Longest Luxury Car

The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is claimed to be the longest and super luxury car of the Mercedes-Benz family. Reporting from the official Mercedes-Benz website, this car is not made for driving alone. Owners must sit in the passenger seat, because cars are made topamper passengers.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, Longest Luxury Car

Some of the magic that is rendered in the passenger seat of the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is a space of relief. In terms of dimensions, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is bigger, longer and taller than the Mercedes-Bens S-Class coded V223.

The length of the car reaches 5,469 mm, longer than the S-Class which is only 5,289 mm. Likewise, the hweelbase which reaches 3,396 mm is much longer than the wheelbase S-Class V223 which only reaches 3,216 mm. Automatically, with these advantages, passengers will get a super spacious room.

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Second, this car is equipped with the MBUX Interior Assist System feature. This feature is a three-dimensional laser camera technology that can detect passenger movement in the second row. For example, if a passenger wants to fasten a seat belt, the feature will automatically detect and stretch the seat belt for easy reach.

Likewise when you want to close and open the car curtains. All you have to do is move your hand towards the curtain and it will open and close automatically.

There is another miracle, where the passenger car seat at the front will automatically shift forward if it is detected that it is not occupied by a passenger. The goal is that passengers in the rear get a more spacious room.

In addition, the passenger car door can also be opened electrically. So passengers do not need to move excess force at all to open the door. Or if you are really lazy to move your hand to open the door, all you have to do is tell the driver to press the door opening button on the dashboard.

Car seats with massagers are common? But car seats that can massage until the legs are unusual. So that’s what the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class tries to give to passengers in the second row. The car seats are also ventilated and can be heated. Not only at the bottom but also the back and neck.

The car seat can also lie down to 43.5 degrees so that passengers can rest optimally. Want to seriously work? The Mercedes-Maybach S-Class is equipped with two full HD touch screens on the passenger side. Not enough? There is still one tablet set up on the rear center console. So, you will have no shortage of gadgets to work with.

Well, while working you will be spoiled by the 4-dimensional sound system from Burmester. So, with all these facilities, it’s only natural for Mercedes-Maybach to ask the owner of this car never to sit on the front.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Interior Photos

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class

The most attractive touch is on the skin. Buyers can choose a special two-tone color selection. It should be noted, it is not just an ordinary bi-colored color because the process is more than just pouring out two paint blends. He went through the standard painting process first. Only then did a special hand-painted which claimed to take up to a week. How not, details such as separating striping must be done as precisely as possible for the perfect final result.

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Interior 2

Mercedes-Maybach S-Class Interior 3

The interior of Mercedes-Maybach S-Class, which has been designed to be soundproof, has been formulated to make it more isolated from road noise. Is Active Road Noise Compensation, technically like noise suppression in headphones. Low frequency noise is crushed through sound waves from the high-end Burmester bass speaker 4D surround sound system. Sophisticated!

Even wheelbase lengthening is definitely not just for extra leg room. Individual Executive Seat and Chauffeur Package seats are standard components. Thus, passengers can adjust the most comfortable sitting position while activating a special mode: folding the front passenger seat to get more space.