Mistakes That Make Power Steering Easily Damaged

Mistakes That Make Power Steering Easily Damaged

Power Steering Easily Damaged – Almost all 4-wheeled vehicles now equipped with Power steering feature, no other purpose is to facilitate owners in driving a car. But the more complete feature is the higher the cost of maintenance, even if the car owner does not know how to make the power steering is not easily damaged.

Talk about the power steering treatment so as not to be easily damaged here are some mistakes that you can avoid so that your vehicle is not often to the workshop.

1. Irregular replacing fluid Power Steering

Every liquid in the car should be carried out a regular replacement. Also included with power steering fluid. Read the car service guide to find out more when it’s good time to replace the car’s power steering fluid.

“For HPS (Hydraulic Power Steering), certainly the liquid is very influential. Suggested every 40,000 KM, the power steering fluid replaced the new, “Ujar Bambang Supriyadi, Head Product Improvement/EDER Dept Technical Service Division of PT Astra Daihatsu Motor, when contacted Kompas.com, not long ago.

2. Less or low tire air pressure

Tire air pressure is also influential making the power steering system a quick damage. The reason, the tire is also one part of the system.

“If the pressure on the tire is low, the friction between the car tire and asphalt of the road will be greater. Conversely, if tire pressure is appropriate then the contact or friction of the car tire with the asphalt will shrink. So the power steering work is also lighter, “said Bambang.

Check the air pressure regularly to keep the power steering component optimally working.

3. Passing through the flood streets

Melibas flood will also affect the age or performance of car power steering. To prevent damage, you should avoid roads with a fairly high water puddle.

“As long as the cross is not damaged, it is not a problem to bypass flooding. But if the cross is broken, certainly will have bad effect, “Bambang said.

The risk of water getting into the rack steer will still exist and can cause the system to become rusty. Damage will occur when the rust enters and circulates through the pump or power steering compressor.

4. How to drive recklessly

The way or technique of driving recklessly can also affect the age of power steering. “Going through a damaged road if not slowly or cautious can also make the rack steer gap big and make the power steering is not optimal,”

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