More Luxurious BMW X6 Combined Coupe with SUV

More Luxurious BMW X6 Combined Coupe with SUV

Realese BMW X6, gnewscar – What happens if the coupé is combined with an SUV? The answer is in the All New BMW X6. MW officially launched the All New BMW X6 virtually through the Zoom application on Friday 15 May 2020. The presence of the All New BMW X6 is a complement to the BMW X Series, the BMW X1. The latest BMW X2, BMW X4, BMW X4, BMW X5 and BMW X7.

“About a decade ago, BMW took an innovative step to combine the characteristic attributes of a Sports Activity Vehicle with the DNA of a classic coupé, giving birth to the Sports Activity Coupé (SAC) vehicle segment,” said Ramesh Divyanathan.

He added, the BMW X6 was the first member in the new segment and to this day and more than 443,000 units of the BMW X6 have been sold worldwide in two generations of models. Now, the All New BMW X6 as SAC, nicknamed The Beast, is marketed in one variant, the BMW X6 xDrive40i. So what is special about this Beast compared to other X Series BMWs ?.

Iconic grille BMW X6

Born as an SAC, although based on the same as the BMW X5, the All New BMW X6 offers a charming exterior. All existing body curves are characteristic of this car. Of course, the sloping roof from pillar B to the back is the most prominent as a coupé.

Iconic grille

Present for the first time at the All New BMW X6 is sophisticated innovations such as the Iconic Glow lights on the BMW kidney grille.

Besides being able to open the lid automatically according to the air requirements needed by the engine, when the lights are turned on, the grille will turn white. Make it the hallmark of the All New BMW X6.

Meanwhile, the BMW M Sport package embedded in the interior gives a distinct and striking look.

Charming exterior BMW X6

In the headlight section, SAC uses BMW Laserlight technology as a standard, combined with Selective Beam which optimizes the function of the remote lights so as not to dazzle other drivers, even though the range is quite far, which is around 530 meters.

exterior BMW X6

The side of the All New BMW X6 comes with typical BMW proportions, with a sharp silhouette character and dynamic flowing roofline.

The new BMW X6 xDrive40i M Sport is equipped with 21-inch wheels M light-alloy Y-spoke style 741 M Bicolour as standard.

This vehicle is also equipped with BMW M Sport brakes with four piston calipers in front and one piston calipers in the rear. While the calipers are painted blue and embossed with the BMW M logo, giving it a sporty look.

The back features a dashing silhouette with masculine shoulders, further strengthened by the wide L-shaped LED taillights. For the tailgate, it integrates seamlessly and is almost invisible on horizontal lines on the vehicle.

Exclusive interior BMW X6

As a car that is able to bulldoze terrain on road and off road, the interior of the All New BMW X6 is crammed with various features so that it always makes both the driver and passengers always feel comfortable when in it.

Quality materials with Vernasca leather as a standard bandages ranging from upholstery, dashboard, to door trim. Do not forget, because part of the M variant, there are some typical accessories such as the steering wheel to the seat belt.

Exclusive interior bmw x6

All driving needs such as entertainment, driving information, to navigation can be arranged and monitored via the 12.3-inch touch screen Control Display or iDrive with the BMW Operating System 7.0.

This screen can also read gestures, such as a rotating finger to increase or decrease the volume or move the thumb to the right and left to select a song. The mood in the cabin can also be adjusted based on the ambient light available in green, orange, red, blue, white, bronze, and so on.

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Remain relieved

Other features in the interior are 2.5 zone automatic air conditioner control, cup holders with coolers and heaters, Apple CarPlay wireless, Parking Assitant including Reversing Assistant, panoramic glass roof that is 83% larger than its predecessor, and Harman / Kardon Surround System 16 speakers, 464 Watt.

Meanwhile, even though the roof is sloping, sitting in the back seat does not feel cramped. Still quite comfortable when occupied by two people with a height of 175 cm and 165 cm. The head does not stuck ceiling, knee does not touch the front seat.

There is an arm rest in the rear seat which is equipped with a cup holder. This seat is also equipped with ISOFIX to associate a toddler chair. After that, the interior offers a high level of variability, thanks to a separate 40:20:40 rear seat back that can be folded to increase luggage space capacity from 580 liters to 1,530 liters.

BMW X6 Powerful and fast

Despite increasing length and width, the impression of power and speed on the All New BMW X6 remains impressive. BMW claims, this car can accelerate from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in just 5.5 seconds. Fast enough right?

The All New BMW X6 engine does offer acceleration capabilities with the typical response of a BMW inline six-cylinder gasoline engine. This car carries a 3.0 liter BMW TwinPower Turbo engine combined with twin-scroll turbocharger, Valvetronic, and double VANOS.

The engine delivers power through the 8-speed Steptronic Sport Transmission Sport complete with paddle shift. The result is a maximum torque of 450 Nm with an average fuel consumption of 11.1 kilometers per liter. While the latest BMW xDrive technology with full time all wheel drive shows its advantages by ensuring the best traction for the All New BMW X6 on all road surfaces thereby increasing safety and driving comfort.

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