One Mercedes-AMG Project with F1 Engine Will Be Tested Soon

One Mercedes-AMG Project with F1 Engine Will Be Tested Soon

Mercedes-AMG, gNewscar – Incorporating a Formula 1 engine in a commercial car is kind of an awesome idea but it is often questioned whether it will materialize, and Mercedes-AMG made it happen in Project One.

The thing is, Mercedes-AMG has been planning Project One since 2017, and some delays have now made its debut in trials back to 2021, as reported by TopSpeed.

TopSpeed ​​reviewed some of the test footage of Project One which was videoed by fans last year, but Mercedes-AMG itself released its newest product this time. According to Merc, this is the first time a V6 hybrid power unit derived from Project One has been track-tested at its full output of over 1,000 horsepower.

Several pre-production Project One hit the track at the One Mercedes-AMG test site in Immerdingen, Germany, as its testing has progressed beyond static testing to real-world trajectory time.

Maybe all this extra time will pay off, and not just in its final form making the F1 engine emit. See Also : Big Change Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe 2020 Market Preserve

Despite its wild appearance and active aerodynamics, Mercedes still wants to make it a commercial car that can be used every day and driven in all-electric mode.

Testing the aerodynamics was no easy task, as the giant air outlets for the front fenders, meaty louvers and large rear wing had to support each other and handle well on the track.

So, if readers forget about the long-awaited Mercedes-AMG hypercar, here’s a reminder that it’s still around.

Mercedes-AMG is still doing more development work on the engine and other components at its Affalterbach headquarters, Germany, and claims that the next step will be to test it in the famous Nordschleife field at the Nürburgring.