Place The Triangle Warning When Car Suddenly Dies On The Road

Place The Triangle Warning When Car Suddenly Dies On The Road

Place The Triangle Warning, There are many rules on the road when we drive, one of which is to put a Triangle Warning when our car suddenly dies, which many motorists question is: How far do you have to put the warning triangle from your car?.

Everyone must have seen the red triangle that is usually placed in front of or behind a car when it is parked in an emergency or suddenly dies due to damage to the car engine.

This tool is a car Triangle Warning, its function is as a sign or a warning sign to other motorists who will cross the road to be more careful and alert because there is a car breaking down in front.

In other words, the car’s Triangle Warning acts to signal to other drivers that a car has stopped.

However, to use this tool in an emergency, there are special distances that need to be considered so that the driver behind can see clearly.

You can adjust the distance according to road conditions and the average speed of vehicles passing around where your car stops.

This is so that other drivers have the opportunity to analyze the whereabouts of your parked car and to react.

On toll roads, for example, you cannot place a Triangle Warning with a distance of 30 meters, but 50 meters.

This is because vehicles passing on toll roads are traveling fast enough at speeds of about 80km / hour, so it takes time to stop 44-45 meters since they saw that they realized there was a Triangle Warning.

Then for the installation of a Triangle Warning on the highway at least 30 meters behind the vehicle. This distance is considered sufficient to anticipate vehicles with an average speed of 60km / hour.

This is because a vehicle moving at a speed of 60km / hour is assumed to need a distance of 32-34 meters to react after identifying the Triangle Warning.

For straight roads, the closest installation of this Triangle Warning is 3 meters, while the ideal distance is 10-20 meters.

While on winding roads, try to install this Triangle Warning at least before the corner. The maximum distance used can be up to 100 meters from the car that is in an emergency (repair / accident) condition.

How important is the car Triangle Warning?

Replacing Triangle Warnings with other objects such as bricks arranged in a triangle is highly discouraged. Because, in addition to its small shape, its inconspicuous color will make it difficult for other drivers to see it.

Therefore, you should use a quality car Triangle Warning, and avoid using other objects that are arranged to resemble a triangle.

Car Triangle Warnings are usually made of plastic triangles, red and white (tend to be red) with sides of approximately 30 to 40 cm.

You can be a Triangle Warning in car repair shops, car accessories shops or car spare parts, and e-commerce.

In order to function optimally, there are several criteria for a car Triangle Warning that you need to pay attention to, namely:

  • Usually has a color that is quite comfortable to look at with good paint quality (not too contrasting)
  • Being able to turn on when exposed to car lights (especially at night) is very important
  • Has a relatively large size so that it is easily seen
  • The material used is quite good (from iron) or sturdy plastic

Currently there are many Triangle Warnings that are equipped with LED lights that light up at night, so they don’t need the lights from other vehicles to light up and be seen from afar, using a triangle with LEDs is very good for our safety when we have to stop in emergency conditions such as breaking down .

So, for the sake of safety, don’t forget to always carry a Triangle Warning with you on your way. Place it with other toolkits so that it is not complicated to carry.

Don’t forget to pay attention to the car’s performance by regularly maintaining it at the official repair shop, so you don’t need to experience a strike while traveling.