Power Windows Does Not Working

Check This Component If The Power Windows Does Not Working

Power Windows Does Not Working, gNewscar – power windows is used to increase the glass automatically. The latest car has been using this power windows so that the concentration of the driver will not split because there is no need to turn the car’s knob to open the glass just by pressing the power windows.

How To Fix Power Windows Does Not Working

If the power windows does not work, the glass will not function properly. When the windshield jams directly accuses the power windows of being the cause, even though not all of it is caused by the power windows where some of it can be caused by reel and rubber the glass part is dirty and not elastic anymore. On this occasion we will discuss what causes the power windows to not working like this:

Power Windows Motor Damaged

The first cause is that the motor power windows is damaged. The power windows motor is located at the door for the purpose of driving the regulator. When this part is damaged it will cause the regulator to be disturbed so that the glass will not be able to go up and down. The cause of damage to the motor window itself is due to the copper dynamo which is damaged due to electrical short circuit.

Broken Fuse

The next cause is caused by a damaged electrical fuse. Because it is included in the electronic components, this power windows has a fuse, its function is to minimize the electrical short circuit in the car. If the fuse in the power windows is broken will cause all the windshield can not be opened. A broken fuse must be repaired immediately because it can be fatal where a short circuit will get worse and cause the car to catch fire.

The Switch is Broken

power windowss can die due to a faulty switch. The faulty switch is caused by an electrical short circuit that occurs in the car and can also be caused by a worn plastic switch. When the switch is broken you must immediately replace it with a new one.

Hardened Grease

The reason the power windows doesn’t work next is hardened grease. This grease is also called grease or lubricant. Grease which should be a lubricant can harden like clay and inhibit the function or performance of the power windows. The cause of hardening is because the car is often parked outside and is often sun-dried in the parking lot. Maintenance is rarely suspected to be the cause of the hardened grease and blocking the power windows function.

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Checking the Electricity Power Windows

The cause of the power window could be due to the electrical system on the power window that is shorted or maybe the fuse is broken. If this happens, generally the power window will turn off completely. For broken fuses can be replaced new. But if there is a power window electrical system that is broken, you can check the following components:

Check the Switch Voltage

Check the voltage of the power windows switch. Check the voltage drop if it comes from the power windows if you can clean the switch’s contacts. Alternatively you have to replace the power windows with a new one.

Check the voltage on the ignition

You can check the condition of the ignition voltage with the ON position. Immediately make a comparison of the voltage when standing by from the battery with the voltage at the IG or ACC terminal when the ignition is ON. If you find a large voltage disparity is possible when meeting the power windows load or other load voltage can decrease greater. To be able to overcome this can be done by cleaning the ignition switch section or it could be by replacing the existing cable terminals.

Check the voltage drop

The last step that can be done is to check the voltage drop in the power windows fuse. If there is a drop in the voltage or voltage, make sure that the fuse socket is hygienic from some crusty and loose dirt. Thus some of the causes of the power windows does not working that you should be aware of, hopefully this information is useful.