How to Take Care of a Bright Color Car Always Clean and Shiny

How to Take Care of a Bright Color Car Always Clean and Shiny

How to Take Care of a Bright Color Car Always Clean and Shiny

Car maintenance is not always about the engine and its performance, but also about its appearance, especially if your vehicle is brightly colored, of course it must be treated so that it is always nice and shiny. All car owners want to have a car that always looks shiny and attractive, especially for brightly colored cars like red, yellow, orange, white, and so on.

Brightly colored cars need extra care if you want your vehicle to always look luxurious and charming. Cars with bright or bright colors, at first it does look beautiful and elegant, but if it is not accompanied by proper care, it will quickly become dull if the owner is not good at caring for car paint.

The color of car paint is very influential with weather conditions, how to care for the dry season, winter and other extreme weather. Heat and rain are a combination of nature that can quickly make a bright car’s color look dull.

The blazing sun will make a brightly colored car look shining bright, sparkling and luxurious when it first comes out of the car showroom. However, over time, the scorching sun can make a brightly colored car quickly look dull, if not followed by extra care.

Especially if you face the rainy and hot season simultaneously, especially for tropical countries. Likewise with those who live in urban areas, in addition to the heat of the sun, hot air due to air pollution, and dust and of course it can not be avoided for car owners both bright and dark colored cars.

In fact, in the rainy season wet dust exposed to water will stick to the body of the car, so that it can make the car paint dull quickly and can even cause cracks in car paint. Therefore, for those of you who have brightly colored cars, you must provide special care to maintain the condition of the paint and clean your car from natural attacks. So that your car always looks luxurious and elegant.

We often find many car wash places that only provide washing services, without paying extra attention to brightly colored cars. For example they use the best car wash soap which is also used on dark colored cars, or does not provide extra protection when finished washing the car.

How to Take Care of a Bright Color Car Always Clean and Shiny

 1. Avoid parking the car under direct sunlight

We live in a tropical country, a country that has only two seasons, namely the rainy season and summer.

In the summer, the hot sun, and the effects it causes not only harm living creatures / humans, but also can harm your car.

Direct sunlight can cause the bright colors of your car’s paint to quickly dull and look lustrous.

In addition to having an impact on your car’s paint, direct sunlight on your car can cause the exterior and interior of your car to have an effect.

Like hardened rubber wipers, which can cause scratches on the windshield, or will make your car’s dashboard look dull faster.

Therefore, as far as possible avoid parking your car in direct sunlight. If you go to the Mall, then look for a parking space in the Mall, which is usually in the Mall basement.

Do not just because you just want to stop by for a moment at the Mall, then you look for a parking space that makes it easy for you to get out, or maybe because you want to avoid expensive parking fees.

So avoid it, it’s better to spend time and spend less money than spend a lot of money for repairs.

Especially during the rainy season, lest you let your brightly colored car hit by rain. Our country is a tropical country, heat and rain can come in an instant.

In fact, it is not uncommon to rain when the sun’s rays are shining, which we usually call hot rain.

Letting your car wash in the rain which then dries on its own because of the wind or sunlight will make your brightly colored car look dull faster and lose its luster.

2. Pay attention to where your car is washed

If you prefer to wash the car yourself, then when you wash the car, avoid washing the car in a place that is exposed to direct sunlight. Look for a shady place, which is not exposed to direct sunlight when you wash your own car.

Because bright car paint colors, such as white, red, yellow or silver, when doused with water, or when shampooed, direct sunlight combined with bright car paint colors, will cause water or foam soap / shampoo to dry quickly .

So if it’s like that, water, especially dry soap / shampoo on the body of the car will make the car paint bright and dark colors will quickly dull.

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Washing in the sun can actually cause spots and speed up the destruction of the bright colors of paint on your car because the water used to rinse the car usually dries on its own before you dry it. Or the soap / shampoo that you apply to all parts of the car’s exterior when washing, will dry quickly before you have time to rinse it.

3. Clean and rinse your car at certain times

During the rainy season, your brightly colored car is susceptible to mud, and rain water dries automatically without you cleaning it, which can usually cause cracks in the car paint.

Therefore, when you use your car and you cannot avoid even puddles, mud or bird droppings, then after you arrive at your home or destination, hurry to rinse and dry your car.

Because, if not immediately rinsed, traces of rain water, mud and other impurities can make the condition of the car look even dirtier and can even become stains that are difficult to remove.

Therefore, rain water and bird droppings contain acidic substances, which will consequently make your car’s paint color fade quickly. To deal with this, immediately rinse with clean water after your car is rained on or exposed to other impurities.

If the dirt is already dry, rinse with water and brush with a soft cloth gently so as not to leave marks.

4. Use the best car wash soap or shampoo

As in our second tips above, when you choose to wash your car in the car wash, then look for a car wash that really understands how they choose the ingredients (soap / shampoo) to wash your car. Because the laundry is really concerned about consumers, they will choose a quality soap and / or car shampoo, which usually contains a balanced pH, and certainly does not contain detergent.

So that, the bright colors of your car paint will stay awake and last long. The best Soap For Car wash specifically for cars usually will not leave the white spots we usually find on soap or shampoo containing detergent, when it is dry before it is rinsed.

Indeed, for the price, usually the special soap or shampoo for this car is quite expensive, but even though the price is higher than ordinary car soap or shampoo, using the right shampoo is highly recommended considering that bright colored cars are more prone to fading.

5. Pay attention to how you wash the car

If you prefer to wash your own car, in addition to paying attention to the shampoo used, you must also understand how to wash the car. Pay attention to the time period when you apply car shampoo with the time you rinse it.

Because, if you rinse the car too long that you have applied it with car shampoo, it can result in certain parts of the foam having a drying process.

Well, this is why you should wash your car in the shade, which is not exposed to direct sunlight, so that the drying process does not occur quickly in certain parts of your car when washed and applied with car shampoo.

To avoid parts of the car that have been washed and foamed quickly to dry, it’s a good idea to rinse the parts that you have applied with shampoo, before you move to clean other parts of your car.

The aim is none other than that there is no shampoo foam left over and dries on the body of your car, which can cause the bright color of your car’s paint to be damaged, dull and shiny.

6. Do not place dangerous objects in the car or around your car

Usually, to keep a neat house, we will store things that are rarely or unused in our car garage. For example: Gas cylinders, used oil, garden tools such as grass machines, and so on.

Or because we do not want to be complicated, often we store our needs in the car, which we usually do to avoid forgetting or being in a hurry.

For example: gas lighters, perfume, etc.

In short, do not make your car as your walking closet.

Items such as gas cylinders, lawn engines (fueled with gasoline), gas lighters and perfumes are highly flammable materials.

For gas lighters, or perfume that is stored in the car, for example, is a very dangerous material to be stored in the car, because these objects have their own maximum point of heat.

And if it has passed its hot spot, it will explode and cause a fire in the car, so of course it will certainly damage the interior of your car.

Likewise with gas cylinders and lawn engines or anything that is highly flammable, don’t store it in your car garage. Oil for example, it is very easy to scatter, and stick to the wall, or to the body of your car. And if that’s the case, then of course your bright paint will be easily dull.

Moreover, the flammable materials, the result is that not only your car is on fire, your house can also be charred instantly.

So, do not leave dangerous objects both in the car and around your car. Moreover, flammable materials, such as gas cylinders, garden tools, gas lighters, perfume and so on.

Maintaining and Caring for the Car

When you decide to have a four-wheeled vehicle (car), it is your responsibility and obligation to always maintain and care for it.

To avoid damage to both the engine and the paint of your car. Buying and owning a car certainly requires a lot of money, so always remember this, when you feel lazy to take care of your car.

You spend a large amount of money to have a car, do not let the money you have spent earlier does not give the impression and profound benefits due to the speed of your car is damaged and quickly has a bad appearance.

To care for and maintain the condition of the bright color of your car, we have given 6 tips, and hopefully useful for you. Thank you!