BMW 4 Series Concept

The BMW 4 Series Concept Is Introduced Next Month in Frankfurt After 6 Years Vacuum

BMW will make a surprise next month. They plan to introduce the BMW 4 Series concept to the public next month as the next generation coupe. In early September last year, photos of “Espionage” from the next generation BMW Series 4 in the monitored Convertible body type were tested at Nurburgring, Germany. And for the coupe version , this is the photo for the 1st time.

No doubt, said the Motor1 website , BMW is trying to reveal the next generation compact coupe . Yes, the model is really important to refresh because the unit has not been updated for six years since the Bavarian company introduced the newest model.

BMW 4 Series Concept Is Introduced Next Month

BMW 4 Series Concept Is Introduced Next Month

A report from the BMW Blog announced that the 2nd generation 4th Series was introduced as the 1st concept at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Expo next month. Because it is not uncommon for BMW to introduce the next generation model using the concept, BMW Blog sources positively approve of the 4 Series concept that will be present. Initially the X6 was the core subject of the brand bazaar in the German car bazaar.


But if this report is taken as a fact, then the BMW booth will be bigger, considering that 2 important models were allegedly announced quickly. Plus, this concept will embellish design changes for the upcoming 2020 and M4 production models.

So far, the desired style update with Series 4 will be a kidney grillewhich is greater to distinguish it from Series 3. The design adopts polarization with the front end showing off, according to a BMW Blog source.


Series 4 is also expected to inherit elements from Series 3, including powertrain options , which means there will be 430i and M440i models in the United States. Hand-me-downs from the Series 3 continue in the cabin so that the latest infotainment and driver support features are part of the selling points.

BMW 4 Series Concept The Frankfurt Motor Expo 2019 is planned to take place on 12-22 September 2019. There is still a month to wait for the next news from BMW.