Three Ways to Clean Fuel Injectors, Safe Machines Without Stuttering

Three Ways to Clean Fuel Injectors, Safe Machines Without Stuttering

Clean Fuel Injectors, gNewscar – When dirty, the amount of spray will be disrupted, the effect of which makes the pull faltered. Does your car’s engine often difficult to start? Or is the fuel consumption more wasteful than usual, and the sound becomes rough? Be careful, all the symptoms are signs of a problematic car injector device.

Because the injector is an important device that serves to spray fuel into the engine combustion chamber. The device cannot send pulses to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) sensor in the proper amount. In fact, one of the functions of the ECU is to regulate the pressure and frequency of the fuel jets to the engine combustion chamber based on the pulse received by the sensor.

Three Ways to Clean Fuel Injectors

So that the machine remains comfortable to use in everyday life. The injector is the main component in the injection system, its function is to spray while turning fuel into a fog that is ready to be blown up by a spark plug. When dirty, the amount of spray will be disrupted, the effect of which makes the pull falter, like there is a delay. Here are three ways to clean an injector offered by an authorized workshop.


Starting many official workshops and public workshops that offer this service. The process, carbon cleaner liquid is used as a substitute for gasoline and injected directly using devices such as infusions.

Fuel hose is removed, replace it with an IV that is connected to a special tube containing a carbon cleaner, after that the tube will be pressed with the wind from the compressor to enter the combustion chamber.

The required wind pressure of 39-42 psi, less than that the engine will brebet. The engine is left running while being gassed. This method takes approximately 5 minutes until the injector cleaning liquid runs out and the motor turns off.

Speed up the engine rotation

This method is quite simple and you can do it yourself. The trick, start the car engine. After that, step on the gas pedal deeply to the maximum point. Do it up to four or five times, and every time you step on the accelerator should be held 1-2 minutes. When the engine speed is high (around 5,000 rpm), the gasoline bursts are also strong. At that moment, dirt in the combustion chamber and the valve will be pushed out. However, if this method does not work you may try to use cleaning fluid.


This method cannot clean the combustion chamber, but can be used to measure the injector discharge. The injector is removed then simulated to spray with the pressure according to the motor standard, if the discharge decreases, it means that the injector is dirty and there is a blockage in the hole.

Then proceed with ultrasonic cleaning, the injector will be soaked with a special liquid and then there will be ultrasonic vibrations that can produce heat to remove clogged dirt. If you have cleaned the discharge is still lacking means that you have to replace the injector.

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